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    Thanks! It is polarizing but the more I wear it the more I appreciate it and how important restraint is in application.:D I've yet to offend anyone but it's probably a good thing that I have 45 minutes for it to dry down before I interact with anyone :LOL: I will say Chanel did a REALLY good job with the reformulation but the older has an opening that has such depth I see why folks clamor for it! You can smell every note!
  1. And in a moment of weakness brought on by a decant that was riding shotgun with the Antaeus. Honeyed patch with something animalic in the mix!
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  2. I am not a fragrance guy per se, only recently with aftershave. I have really started to enjoy the daily splash and this led me to a recent purchase of the only cologne/edt that I had ever owned. In my chasing days, the ladies loved this scent, in fact, a woman purchased it for me. Sadly, it was discontinued (or fortunately as the LOTH would not like the ladies swooning over me). So, I found a mini bottle online from Slovenia via Poland... Davidoff Classic Eau de Toilette... still smells great to me. The LOTH, undecided... go figure!

  3. The thread about 80's fragrances made me think about what I wore back in the day. Jovan Musk for Men

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    Really like Habit Rouge, has a nice jockey club dry-down. Researching it did bring me to Jicky--yes I know it's pour femme, but both Connery and Caine use it so I thought, why not? It's a great scent for a guy, light, spicy and not at all girlie.
  5. I have Jicky too and I think it smells great. Completely unisex, IMO.
  6. Needed a new spring fragrance and opted for this one from Guerlain. Very happy with my choice!

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  7. Spent the week in SoCal and treated myself :D
  8. Yep, FB Tobacco is one of the best tobacco scents out there, IMO. Tobacco is also my favorite fragrance note.
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    B063854F-C28C-4436-B57F-AACD4200015C.png In today...just love this frag.
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    These two arrived today. I’m a classic kind of guy, lol. The Dunhill smells awesome! The Vetiver is also nice but a little more subdued.

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  11. Two from Rogue Perfumery
    RougeChypre-Siam.jpg RougeMousse Illuminee.jpg
  12. Nice pickup! Probably my favorite vetiver.
  13. Thanks! I really dig it too!
  14. Went a bit nuts at the Chanel Boutique this weekend...

    Coromandel is amazing and while I was leery of La Pausa and it's one note (Iris Pallida) in application is opens with violet leaf and dries down to a soft rose scented suede! I had to have it! Paris-Deauville has the Les Exclusives Eau de Cologne notes but with WAY more longevity!
  15. A few goodies from Rogue...

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