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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by rearviewmirror, May 6, 2014.

    Picked up some Brut Special Reserve at the drugstore today!
  1. So excited this landed! Moss heads rejoice! Oh, and chypre lovers too! :D
  2. Congrats on this!!!
  3. Thank you! I have feeling Manny will be taking all my money for a while :D Already locked down another bottle and some Tabac Vert to boot!
  4. So much Rogue goodness!!!
    I would say I'm set but there was a sample of Derviche tagging along and I need it in my life!
  5. I've got a set of eight samples from Rogue scheduled to be delivered today. This could get expensive!
  6. but well worth it.
  7. 8? So that means Floris Mortis and 40 Love are tagging along! I have a sample of 40 Love and I like it ALOT! :) Curious to hear your thoughts on Floris Mortis!

    ^^^ This!
  8. Not for the faint of heart or Nautica fans..

  9. No 40 Love, but Fougere L'Aube instead. I did get Flos Mortis pre-release. I will begin to try them this week and I'll let you know about the "flower of death". :)
  10. My bottle of Rogue Derviche arrived and had samples of Champs Lunairs and Floris Mortis in tow!

    Floris Mortis is definitely an interesting concoction... I think a few wearings are in order so that I can get my head around it!
  11. Just call me impulse buyer. Wife made me stop at a Bath and Body store today for hand lotion and bath stuff. I’d never been in one. Well they have a very small men’s section and all on sale Buy 2 get 1 Free. Walked out with 3 bottles of cologne, wife liked them all.

    Noir, Ocean, and Bourbon
  12. Woah! Is it as potent as the name suggests?
  13. yes, I don't have anything else like it.. It's very sharp and strong in the opening, but later it calms down to a nice sweet cypress. Off the top though it's sharp vetiver and woods. It's interesting that the cypress is actually listed as a top note, but that's the part that lasts longest for me. Check out the reviews on Basenotes or Fragrantica. Lots of varying opinions about this one. It's considered one of the great bargains in recent men's fragrances.. usually going for $30 or less. I picked it up for $20.
  14. I love Noir and Bourbon.. I haven't really tried Ocean yet.
  15. I’m new to the fragrance thing, but reading what others have said, the Ocean is probably one of those summer scents. It has a light and citrus scent, hope I did good explaining.
  16. Anniversary Gift from my Wife. Big fan of this scent 1589m.jpg
  17. My bottle of Rogue 40 Rogue (Resurrection N°.1) landed...
  18. Just so everyone knows Bath & Body Works has clearance in store of their Cypress Cologne. 75% off. Ends up being about 9 Dollars a bottle.

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