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Favorite childhood non-cartoon show?

Hard to pick... in no particular order:

MASH, Emergency!,Space: 1999, Star Trek (original)

When I got older, it was reruns of the Tom Baker incarnation of Dr. Who.
I wasn't quite a child, but, no question the memorable show from my youth was:

Its sad watching an icon wither away.
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When I was little, I liked Family Affair. I think it was because I was almost as old as Buffy and Jody and seeing other little kids on tv was cool to me then.


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It's tough to stack up the stuff one watched at age 4 with the stuff one watched at age 14.

At a very young age I was, so I am told, a great fan of a certain flying circus.

I used to be a total devotee of the Mr-Dressup-Friendly-Giant-Sesame-Street late morning triumvirate when I was young. At about age 5 I could sing the whole theme song (opening and closing credits) to Gilligan's Island.

Later, shows like Hogan's Heroes and Baa Baa Black Sheep (in later seasons, "Black Sheep Squadron") were big.

I could go on and on, but those ones stick out for me now.
Miami Vice was great, but by then I was finishing growing up.

For me, the original Battlestar Galactica and 6-Million Dollar Man.
On Sundays around noon they played "Harold Lloyd". Great stuff.
The Fall Guy
CHiPS "I can play the intro Bass Line"
Magnum PI
Good Times
Whats Happening
Cosby Show
Wonder Years
Quantum Leap
Family Ties
Who's The Boss
Growing Pains
Night Court

Plus some of the others already listed. Man I miss being a kid, utterly carefree.

Alright that's enough. I did do other things as a kid:biggrin:
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What comes to mind right now;

Gilligan’s island
Get Smart
Hogan’s Heros
Family Ties
Six Million Dollar Man
Dukes of Hazzard( loved watching Daisy:w00t:)
Wild Wild West
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
Wonderful World of Disney

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Gilligan's Island
Dukes of Hazzard
Six Million Dollar Man
Starsky and Hutch
Wonder Woman
Hogan's Heroes
3-2-1 Contact
Electric Company
Star Trek
Little House on the Prarie
Price is Right
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