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Favorite childhood non-cartoon show?

Born in 1975. Favorite non-cartoon childhood shows:

The Dukes of Hazard
Knight Rider
The Monkees
The Adams Family

Many of these were re-runs but they were great!
Born in 1975. Favorite non-cartoon childhood shows:

The Dukes of Hazard
Knight Rider
The Monkees
The Adams Family

Many of these were re-runs but they were great!

I can't believe I left Knight Rider and Batman out of my list! :eek: Mr. Hasselhof and Mr. West...I beg your forgiveness. :blushing:
The Lone Ranger

I can't believe I forgot the Lone Ranger. An autographed photo of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels were among my prize possessions as a kid and I'm proud to say they are minty to this day!

I'd also add Gilligan's Island to my list.
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I remember Today's Special.
Also Reading Rainbow, and 3-2-1 Contact. Used to love watching Magnum. Then there was the Equalizer, Auto-Man, Jake and the Fat Man, Kojack, Mike Hammer, Cannon, Greatest American Hero, Punky Brewster, the A-Team, of course. There was Buck Rogers, but I liked Battlestar better. That little robot Twiki got on my nerves. "Gawrsh, Buck! D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D--Shut UP, you little trash can *kick*
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Let's see what else...St. Elsewhere, Small Wonder, with the robot sister. Just seems creepy now. Mr. Belvedere! Drop-kick your jacket...as you walk through the door. Frickin' Growing Pains. I loved the Fall Guy. Then there was Cagney and Lacey, T.J. Hooker, Simon and Simon I watched all the time. My Nana and I used to watch The Rockford Files, and Barney Miller. I remember a few obscure shows, like Stingray, Cover Up, Misfits of Science, and some show called Hell Town or something. Also Father Dowling Mysteries. His nun sidekick I thought was hot. I watched a lot of TV growing up! I've always been a night owl.
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

wasn't that animated or was there a live action on I'm missing

Family Matters, Boy Meets world...and the other TGIF programming. It was a US channel but forget the rest. Every friday there was 2 hours of shows I watched.

Boy meets world was a great show :biggrin: However it was much better when they were younger

My list:
Seseame street was my ALL TIME favorite. I also loved:
Mr. Dressup
Knight Rider
Batman (I've actually met Adam West :biggrin:)
I Dream of Jeannie
All In The Family (own the DVDs)
All In The Family (own the DVDs)
I used to love the Westerns and action series. Favorites were Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Mission Impossible, and Hawaii Five-O.
For comedy, it was Jackie Gleason (and The Honeymooners!), Carol Burnett, Sanford & Son, and The Tonight Show.
Now that so many reruns are available, there have been shows that I had fond memories of....but after watching them I think, "how could I have ever liked that!"
When I was a kid "Lost in Space" was on right after supper. Used to watch that a lot. Also the Six Million Dollar Man and Get Smart.
Dukes of Hazard(will always be #1)
Knight Rider
All in The Family
Different Strokes
Fall Guy
Facts of Life
Anything that was on ABC primetime in the 80"s
And last but least: The Brady Bunch, there i said it, whew! Finally got that skeleton out of the closet:biggrin:
We bought our first TV set in 1949, a Dumont. As a 6 year old I liked the test patterns but those aside I really liked Captain Video and His Video Rangers.
It seems network TV was much better then.

Peter Gunn
77 Sunset Strip
Sky King
Victory at Sea
Had to watch the Ed Sullivan Show
Jack Benny

Several more if I took the time to think about it.
The Six Million Dollar Man
Star Trek
Battlestar Galactica (original series)
Buck Rogers / 25th Century
Fantasy Island (De plane! De plane!!)
Newhart (the second one where he was an inn keeper)
The Muppet Show
Kung Fu
Happy Days

Jeez! I could go on and on!!
What was your favorite show when you were a kid? I don't mean cartoons, I mean regular shows.

For instance, I was born in 1976 which put me squarely at the age to think that Miami Vice was the coolest thing ever at the time it was on originally. I still love that show.

You guys (and gals)?

I was also born in 1976 but I'd have to go with Knight Rider.
So many I watched have already been mentioned. Here are a few that have not been mentioned yet:

Land of the Lost- State of the are CGI in 1974
Kolchak: The NightStalker- The original with Darren McGavin, helped me love horror at a young age.
Dark Shadows- Watched this when I was real little. I remember hiding from the werewolf behind the chair in the tv room
The Electric Company- Came on after Sesame Street. man was Cosby, Morgan Freeman cool back then
Did anybody mention?

Emergency! (Rampart, rampart)
Adam-12 (One adam-12,)
Studio Wrestling , Yes, yes I know, but Bruno SanMartino .
Truth, (buzzzzzz) or Consequences!

I also really loved The NightStalker as well.

My least liked show: Larwence Welk.
Two more.
Sesame Street. Although I was into my teen years when it debuted, who can deny the magic of that theme song? That's my jam!!!

The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Wished Mrs. Livingstone was my babysitter.
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