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Ever-Ready 750 Resto (Buttery Thundah!)

This brush is near and dear to me for two reasons. It was my first butterscotch find in the wild, and because a close friend got it for me as a birthday gift. Finally got to restoring it. The first knot I recieved was shedding badly so Tony at TGN sent out another, no questions asked! He really takes care of his customers. This is turning out to be my new travel brush. I opened it up to take a 22mm knot. Enjoy!

Brush: ER 750
Knot: TGN 22mm Short Loft Best Badger
Polish: Some toothpaste (worked surprisingly well)

Before: Knot was pretty blah.



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Thanks for the kinds words guys. Face lathering with this thing is great! Its so soft! Couldnt leave you without a Bloom pic, this short loft explodes after a lather!$Photo0264.jpg
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