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Effects of heat

I don't mean hot water and creating a hot lather, I'm curious about what ambient temperature will do to creams. I locally procured some Proraso and some store brand blades to start off with. I'm about to purchase a sampler pack from WCS and want to include some TOBS. Temperatures have been hitting triple digits recently, is it okay if that shipment gets left in a mailbox or on a doorstep, or will the heat do something dangerous to the cream?
I wouldn't leave it in the mailbox for days, but if it sits a few hours before you get to it I doubt you'll have any major issues. Members here live all over the globe and we ship things to one another all the time. I've never had any issues and I spent 6 months in the Middle East during the summer.
SlagleRock pretty much said what you need to know, although I will add that I've read reports of people opening their newly arrived creams after they were sitting out on a hot day only to find they had gotten a bit "gloopy" from the heat. Evidently, being allowed to sit overnight in normal temps - or sometimes in the refrigerator - returned the creams to normal. I've experienced the opposite problem. I once received a shipment of Harris Aftershaving Milk in the middle of winter in Minneapolis, and it actually froze by the time I brought it in. But it thawed out OK.
Lt. Caine - I feel you on that! I was stationed in North Dakota for quite some and definitely dealt with the frozen aspect pretty consistently, but always thought that it was no big deal and anything could just come back up to temperature. But once I got orders to Utah, I definitely found out that heat doesn't work the same way! But from what you guys have said, I'll order some cream and if I need to, I'll just let it sit overnight.
H.C. mentioned an interesting point. My first tub of cream I got from MiN New York and it sat in the Florida Heat for a bit before I got to it. It was slightly seperated but a quick stir with a knife mixed it right back together and no product was lost as I just scraped the knife on the edge of the tub. Another consideration: The products sit in a hot truck during shipment and waiting for delivery so it's not just the time after delivery that would make a difference.
We stayed in a cabin, and I brought a tube of proraso - the wash basin was on the porch, and I left the tube out there all day. Definitely got a little runny.
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