Do I need another brush?

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    1st. Do You think you need another brush?
    Thats the main question because if You are happy with what You have then that is what matters.
    2nd i would recommend having something as a backup though so you dont have happen to you what happened to me just the other day.. I had a knot( the brush part) fall apart on me and i didnt have a backup ! Fortunately there were several people come to my rescue so now i have a new brush and can purchase another knot to repair the broken one but i dont have to hurry. I can take my time.
    3rd Some people want multiple brushes because certain types of soaps work better with certain types of brushes ( diff materials or what not ).. So in the ehd it is good to have a backup but if you sre happy with where you are then thats what matters......
  1. Just to put this out there silver tip is the top tier of brush knots.
  2. I would beg to differ. For me, silvertip and Finest 2-band badgers run toe to toe in terms of performance/feel.

    Silvertip is softer while 2-band has more scrub/feel. Also, in terms of looks, I prefer the 2-band a lot more. So for me, i prefer 2-band over silvertip but I know others enjoy the softness of silvertip over the scrub of 2-band. YMMV
  3. @boilerphan I have now used this soap/AS 3 times. I personally like it. I already had Azzaro Chrome in my cupboard as it is a scent I like. I am not sure why but I get different shaves from different soaps for Stirling. My worst shaves from their stuff is Barbershop. Not sure why, maybe need to go look at what blades and how long I had on them.

    ANYWAYS. Yes, I like the performance, it is as good as any other Stirling soap and aftershave and it makes the cologne very well.

  4. *** UPDATE ***

    I have now had a couple uses with the Stirling Boar brush. It lathers differently but hard to explain. Same soap, the synthetic seems to create more lather in the bowl after loading it. The boar seems to keep more in the brush, like to the point I don't need to load it as much. Still learning that little tidbit. The feel is softer after a couple days of use and letting it dry using it every other day.

    The feel is pretty good now and I can only imagine it will be getting better in a month or two it will be great. So much so I accidentally ordered more brushes. Thanks to a PM from an enabling member here he gave me some pointers and after reading a convo from him again I just went ahead and pulled the trigger on some a couple days ago. I will update those when they get here.

    Thanks again everyone!

  5. Thanks for the update!
  6. Nice! Continue using the boar and it'll get better and better. Also, what is the next brush on the way? Maybe a badger?
  7. I purchased 5 total...

    Omega Boar and some Omega synthetics.

    I kinda went overboard.

    If anyone asks it was an accident, my finger slipped.


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  9. If there was ever a need for a "like" button it would be this.


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