Do I need another brush?

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    This is coming from someone who has a brush for every day of the month. I own badgers, boars, and synths and find something exciting in using each of them. Lately, the synths have been getting more use since it's summer and I have been cold water shaving but w/ the change in the weather, the badgers turn is coming. The boars get used the least, but when I do use them, it's for an extended period of time( at least a week).

    BTW, currently waiting on a new brush and have my eyes set on the new "Gealous" APShaveCo brush.
  2. For the past week, I have been traveling. I only brought one razor, one soap and one brush, a boss synthetic knot. Although I have gotten good shaves, I cannot wait to return home and get back to using other razors, soaps, and brushes.
  3. Ok you bunch of enablers. My Stirling boar brush came in yesterday. So far this is what I have done.

    This morning I soaked it during my shower. After the shower I loaded it in a tub of red Proraso and then left it sit. It had a bit of a smell in it.

    I just now rinsed it as it set for a bit with that soap in it. I gave it a quick rinse to wet it and kinda lathered my hand up. It felt much different then my other brush. I rinsed it all the way out. Then pushed some Stirling soap into my bowl like a normally do and made a lather with the new brush. It appears to LOVE water.

    I couldn't help it and touched my face. It's pretty soft.

    Rinsed again and now trying to figure out how to dry it as it doesn't fit my holder.

    Can it just sit on the handle or does it have to hang?

    Now my plan is to let it dry until Monday or Tuesday and then use it again. Seems like everyone says it has to dry between uses.

    Now. To everyone that said buy a boar.

    Is this a good plan?

  4. You can sit it on the handle to dry. Just keep doing what you are doing, you'll be fine.
  5. Awesome.

    Thank you.

  6. Buying boar brushes is definitely a good plan, I only have the three boar brushes myself but when we get the second bathroom finished I will need some more.
  7. Honestly the first things I notice is the size is different. The weight is different, this Stirling Boar is heavy. The lather is different. Not sure how to explain this yet but it really "different".

    The brushes are longer so I hold the bowl different.

    The way I do soap is with the Stirling soap samples is push some in the bottom of a bowl and lather. I also noticed this brush uses more soap.

    Maybe why I needed more water.

  8. Definitely just sit on base to dry.... no holder needed.

    This link has a great way to break in a boar brush. I tried it with a Semogue LE boar brush and love it.

    My 3-day boar brush break in
  9. Boar hair, like its flesh, are the closest to human than any other animal. The hairs themselves are actually hollow. Thus the good idea of soaking the brush awhile before using it to lather. Also, why it requires more water. Some folks believe it's best to allow at least 48 hours between uses to best extend the life of a boar brush. This I cannot attest to, but I do have multiple boars that I rotate through along with Badger Hair for my creams.

    Like your hair, I do not recommend soaking a boar brush in super hot water, but warm water. Once a month I do use a dish detergent on my boars to wash out excess soap build up. I also wash my hair with dish detergent once a month to wash out excess shampoo/soap build up. Rinse out the detergent thoroughly once you clean your brush. Below is as a picture of my set up while I am showering to soak the brush for a Modern Williams Mug shave.
    This is the result.
    Here is another picture for an Arko shave.
    The result.
    Here are some of the pictures of my boars;
    My Stirling Soap Boar is currently at my house in the Philippines.
    I do hope this helps.
  10. The 3-Day boar brush break in you do is a great way of doing things. Love it.
  11. Simpson M7 is also great for bowl lathering.

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    As is the Captain 2. Spectacular brushes. :thumbup1:
  13. Great choice! Glad you got to try out the boar.

    Boar brushes love water but they also eat soap for breakfast. Load heavy every time and that works out for me.
    I let it sit on the handle because it is bigger than my stand.
    You can let it dry between uses or use it daily. Your choice.

    Also, if you want to break it in more, I let it soak in water for 24hrs, bowl lather it, and rinse and put it to dry. Make sure you only put the water upto about a 1cm below the handle to avoid messing with the glue bump.
  14. The water level thing never crossed my mind. I suppose I figured it could handle it. In my cup the water would be up to the base.

    I will rethink that process. Thank you.


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    Of course you do[without reading the entire post], why wouldn't you?
  16. Easy there fella. You were the first of the enablers as my first purchases (razors) came from you.

    They shave great by the way. The SS Flare Tip is my everyday razor. The red tip has been used a handful of times but I am starting to get regular great shaves daily.

    Also, if the boar brush works and feels like I think it will there will be another one in my near future and use the other brush as a shirt trip travel brush.

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    I wouldn't think Synthetics need to dry out fully the way boars and badgers should... but I'm not positive. I'd look at it this way. If my brush was expensive enough it discouraged buying a second to rotate, I'd be worried that not letting it fully dry would risk damaging the expensive brush, and if it were cheap enough, I'd just buy a second to rotate just because eventually it'll need replaced and this will make it last at least twice as long, so it's not inefficient.

    On the other hand, I have about 50 brushes... sooooooo
  18. I am anxious to use it but letting it dry. I would guess if everything goes well with this brush I will try to own 3 or 4 and rotate through them. I have been using the cheap synthetic everyday and honestly I don't know if I am hurting it or not.

    I smelled the boar brush today and she has a stick to her. I may have to try the dish soap thing once.

  19. I always use some sort of dish soap to wash out any brush that I get. I have a shampoo/conditioner that works like a dish soap. Gets all the potential gunk and smell out of the bristles.
  20. There is plenty of great synthetic brushes as it was said by many before, you just need to find which one you prefer

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