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Help me pick a synthetic brush


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People do tend to rave about the Bruce, Big Bruce, RR 400, etc. They certainly are priced right, like most of Italian Barber's stuff. I often wonder if I'll start to like the ultra soft brushes.... All of mine have the scrub factor I like at the moment.... but these things have a way of changing over time.
I have a sneaking suspicion that RazorRock brushes are Yaqi knots set a little higher. So much of Italian Barber’s inventory is Yaqi OEM.
I know the Simpson Trafalgar is a very popular brush. Keeping in mind, YMMV, I didn't care for mine at all. It was far too pokey for me. I love a gentle scrub but I think synths do better when they don't try to emulate the feel of natural fibers and are a thing all to themselves. The soft synths are wonderful when that's what you enjoy.

I do realize, this is one man's opinion.... So many people love the Trafalgar brushes in all three sizes, I hesitate to post something negative about them. You might just love one if you get it.
Yeah, I find the Trafalgar brushes to be fantastic bowl latherers and face painters. But I don’t enjoy them at all as face latherers. Once I started exclusively face lathering, I put my T3 and T1 in storage. As you say, too pokey, too stiff, didn’t splay well. Maggards and Stirling have great synthetics especially when just starting out. Also, I love my AP Shave Co Synbad brush (The AP Shave Co Cashmere is also a favorite).


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I'm afraid I migrated to all badger brushes.. and 4 boars for DecemBOAR here....The three synths I have left after I sold or donated all my synths were the Omega Evo Original, a Rudy Vey STF with an Amboyna burl handle and a Alpha Shaving G5"D"... I let my wife choose any of them... all of them... and she chose the Rudy Vey and the Alpha Shaving brushes... @Eric_75 is enjoying the Omega Evo Original.... All of them are soft... the STF knot has a bit of scrub...

I ended up with 23 brushes after I'd been here for a few months or so... I'm down to 11, but as I said.. 4 of those are Zenith boar brushes I use one month out of the year. LOL... I love the badgers with the gentle scrub... not the high end 3 Band badgers.... The two band Manchurians or the ShaveMac Two-band Silvertips seem to work for me.
Based on the info provided, the apshave cashmere would be a good choice.

The angel hair from turn-n-shave is the same thing but I'm a fan shape.

Ultra soft on the skin and generates a wonderful lather!

APShave Co Cashmere was the 1st synth that got me thinking of getting rid of my badgers-briefly. No other synth has had that effect on me.

Hello all,

I'm an individual who's had a very back and forth relationship with traditional wet shaving. I don't find a get a particularly better shave when using a brush and soap compared to my can of proraso white, but I do enjoy the ritual when I have the time (usually just shave before work).

I would like to get a fairly decent synthetic brush without breaking the bank. I usually just do one pass + touchups and always face lather. I've been looking at the Simpsons Trafalgar and apshaveco options (such as synbad and cashmere). I think one reason I usually like the proaso can is I found in the past that using a brush on a second pass (if I decide to do one) felt uncomfortable/irritating (especially on my neck), which is why I'd like something soft. I'm not sure if going to soft would be counter productive for face lathering or not.

I appreciate any suggestions you folks have.

Thank you!

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My favourite synth brush is the Edwin Jagger synthetic. A bit pricey, but it is well worth the investment. If you want a less expensive option go with the RazoRock Plissoft. A fine brush at a good price.
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