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Thoughts on My Simpson Brushes and the different handles and hairs

I got three Simpson brushes a few months ago and finally feel like I’m getting the true impressions of them.
Duke Super- I’ve had a super before and sold it quickly bc I found it unimpressive. I had the same feeling when using this one at first but after a few uses I’ve grown to really like this brush. It’s soft and splays easily, it reminds me of my Kent brush but with better backbone.
M7 2 Band. I liked this one the most at first but it’s been replaced by the Duke. To me it’s not as soft and smooth as the super. Still a brush I will keep and like but not my favorite. Handle is very comfortable.
Chubby Coronation Brush Manchurian-the brush is beautiful.the hairs are very soft and pillowy on the face but it is very dense. The chubby may be too dense for my liking. I can’t accurately judge the Manchurian bc it might function differently on a less dense brush, I plan on getting another one eventually. The short stout handle isn’t as comfortable as the others but I love the look of the brush and it’s not something that will be produced again so it’s a keeper for sure.
Overall I find the Super Duke to be the best for me and I’ll pick up another super if I find one on sale.
Here is a photo
That chubby looks fantastic. That alone would sway my bias no matter how dense it is hah. I do have a Duke coming in the mail so I’m excited to test it out and give it a chance.
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