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Custom Scent Honeybee Soap?

Hi Honeybee,
Is it possisble make custom scented soaps If I sent you the eau de toilette version of the scent. I would like to also know how many soaps can you make out of 100ml eau de toilette.

I am not Sue but I do make soap. EDT is a very dilute form of fragrance. I don't think it is possible to add an adequate amount to a soap and not ruin the texture of the soap. Also EDT usually contains some alcohol that is not compatable with soap. If you had a perfume or oil based fragrance it may be possible to add this to soap. The normal amount of fragrance added to soap is 0.5 to 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of soap. The amount depends on the potency of the fragrance and the desired scent volume in the finished soap.
Hopefully Sue will chime in if she thinks she can do it.
Unfortunately, EDT is not compatible with soapmaking. That's why you will see soapmakers offering duplicates of popular perfumes and EDT, which are made from fragrance oils that will not distort the properties of handmade soap.

My suggestion would be if you can PM me the name of the EDT you are interested in, I can research if there is a quality fragrance oil duplicate of it.

HB Sue
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