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Contest - Tell us why???

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Random.org has selected our winners. Here is where they will want to go shopping: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

In order chosen and listed with their prize are:

Lightcs1776 $50.00 gift card

ChrisPL68 $25.00 gift card

BigD Choose one sample pack

Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to each of you who entered. Well done!

~ The Captain
Oh nice. I read your message to me first, then this thread. Wow, I actually won something awesome. For awesomeness. I think I'll add something nice to the order as well. I guess I am no longer GRUME this month. Oh well, it's for a great reason.


congrats to the winners. My screen name is my my first two initials and last name. It's been my screen name since I first got a slip account for web browsing in 1994. My avatar (right now) is my logo designed for me by very talented artist Dick Detzner. I worked with Dick at a newspaper for a number for years. It's a Wolf's head (ha, my name) with Ted on top. If you are interested in some of his art (some may shock your sensibilities) check out his website.
Tanks again to Captain Scott. I received my prize package in the mail today. I will be using the items next month following my participation in the FFFMM.

Just a follow-up post to publicly express my gratitude for the extreme generosity of B&B members @Captain Pre-Capsize and @Lightcs1776 .

I posted earlier about having to order another CC bowl since I broke my other one, but didn't win. Lights contacted Scott and arranged for me to receive a new bowl from his winnings. Neither participant would accept compensation. Truly generous gentlemen in this community.