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Contest - Tell us why???


Here is a fun idea suggested to me recently: Tell us why you chose the screen name and avatar that you use here on B&B. Everyone has a story and a reason, let's hear it!

There will be three winners chosen by random.org in a few days. The first chosen will have a $50.00 to spend in our store; the second chosen will have $25.00 to spend in our store; the third chosen will receive their choice of one of our very popular sample packs. This is CONUS only please.

Good luck to each of you!
My name was my first bands name in middle school. We lived in a neighborhood that was very rural and there were a few guys that were my age. We throught it would be cool if we started a band. I’m 30 now and still play guitar in a band for fun and have had several bands along the way. The name is a homage to my childhood friends and a time when things were simpler.
And the photo is one of my favorite characters of all time. Kramer! “Here’s to feeling good all the time!”
My user name is based on the official start of the United States and part of my last name. I love to focus on our Constitution and the great events that brought the US into existence.

Great contest and a very generous prize.

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Thanks Cap for the opportunity once again.

My name is the license plate number of my first new car. When I worked at a computer repair shop on weekends a long time ago, we all needed login names and my boss used his license plate number and so I copied that. As for my picture, it was from one of my favorite Japanese movies, Throne of Blood, which was a Japaneseized version Macbeth.


My name is a contraction of my first and last name.
My avatar is of a cavalry soldier in a saber charge and reminds me of an experience I had while an extra on "Dances With Wolves." During down time between shots, the troopers formed up stirrup to stirrup, drew sabers and, on command, thundered across the plain with 3 foot of steel reaching out over the mounts head. An exhilarating experience that brought home the power of cavalry as shock troops.
When I got into Linux in the 90's, my computer wasn't up to the task. So I hobbled together my own mini-system based on Slackware Linux that was made to fit on a Zip disk....known as Zipslack. I've used this online name for over 20 years.


George Bailey Fanboy
Wonderful idea for a PIF!

My FarmerTan name is because I have a tan on my arms in the summer, and nowhere else.

My lovely War Department likes to make fun of it, as does my son, and I chose this name as a way of reminding myself to
not take myself so seriously.

Thanks for the chance Cap'n!

edit: my avatar I painted years ago.
Love the question & your generosity. I was the recipient of a pif a year or two ago from you sir, a wonderful copper lathering bowl that I still use. So I feel someone else should get the 3 prizes. But I want to participate anyways. My screen name is my first & last initial followed by "shaver". This is a shaving site after all, so shaver seemed appropriate. I use this screen name on all things shaving related. My avatar is of my favorite actor, Charlie Chaplin. He was so gifted in telling a story without words. A true artist. It also is a reminder to laugh each day, don't take ourselves too seriously.

Bob L.

First name and my initial. Not complicated and it works for me.

My avatar is a picture of me taken by a middle school photography student. His assignment was to capture an interesting silhouette.

Thanks for this great PIF opportunity!
Boring answer, but I chose my screen name because it's my name name. It's also the same screen name I use pretty much everywhere. I feel that keeps me accountable. No hiding behind the intrawebs. If I'm mean to someone online, it comes back to me.

gwsmallwood = G. W. Smallwood = Garrett W. Smallwood.
Chris is my first name PL is for Point Loma 68 is for 1968, the year that I graduated from high school. The avatar is from the General Dynamics lobby which was built in the mid 1950s located in San Diego, CA. I worked at that plant from 1984 thru 1993. The spiral ramp went from the lobby to a large auditorium. The buildings were demolished in the mid 1990s.
Great PIF and thank you for the opportunity!

My name came about when I stumbled upon this site. I was in the garage taking a breather from work around the house. Was surfing on my phone, decided to join and was promoted for a username. I looked around the garage and my eyes settled on a milk crate setting on a shelf ...

As for my avatar, the humble shoeshine boy. I try to remain humble in everything I do. But when there is a cry for help ... “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here”.
Greetings! I am Bobby Glasser and I am a geologist by profession (at least during the day). On evenings and wekends I am a jazz trumpet player. In any event, I earned the nickname "Granite" during my undergraduate days as a geology major and I've been "Granite Glasser" ever since.


Whiterook is Sargent Saunders' radio call sign in the old TV series Combat. That was my favorite show when I was a kid and I still watch it from time to time. My late brother and I could quote any episode back in the day. That Thompson submachine gun was so cool!
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Thanks for sponsoring a nice PIF! There's a place I used to know on Atlantic Street, and I always liked the name. My avatar is a classic car I chose for this year's sabbatical. My number is 35. So, I can post crazy stuff like "Car #35 reporting in..."
Name: I was learning how to use a straight razor when not once but...

Avatar: A visual reminder for all those in the know that I’ve subject myself to a horrific years worth of abstinence.