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Contest - Tell us why???

My username is a nickname I got back in the 80s added to a tractor number I used to drive. My avatar pic can be found if you image search "window licking, crayon eating". Read the meme that comes up. It's hilarious.
Merle for my screen name across the net: Merle Ap'Amber from Merlin of Amber in homage of Merle Corey/Merlin, Son of Corwin, in The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelezny.

The mouse, king of his home, victorious against the historic enemy... here? Comfortable long-standing mastery over the historic enemy of out of fashion facial hair. *the bald top of our head - totally unexpected defeat*
As a little kid of 6 or 7 during the Cold War I used to pretend I was Noodles Hovar, a Soviet Spy. Just made it up because it was such a spy-like name....

The avatar is from a funny scene in the Beatles film A Hard Day's Night.
Name: I was working mid shift from 10pm to 6am on base and it was towards the tail end of my shift when I joined. I was tired and thought it would be used for my login and not my screen name. So now I’m stuck with possibly the worst username ever haha.
Avatar: saw this brush somewhere and figured it would make a cool picture to have. Will probably change it soon tho as my new obsession is brass razors. Seems like every month my obsession switches to a new branch of this shaving world.
My avatar is just a random picture of my wife and I on a hike to the lighthouse formation in Palo Duro Canyon (TX). My screen name is a combination of what my students (Doc) and my grandkids (Papi) call me.

Very generous offer, thanks!
Great contest!

My screen name came up when I was making an email account and I was interested in clocks back then. I was trying to come up with a random name related to clocks so two words I came up with was Time and Clock. I tried to put the two together but someone already took that name. So I shortened it to TimeClo and it just kind of flows from there on.


I used to be DEshaver. Then I became depressed thinking I should have picked a cooler username. So I made a thread about it. And someone asked what I would have picked if I could do it over. And I looked around my desk and saw a box of toothpicks. So I said....toothpick. Next thing you know a moderator made it happen.

And I’ve been Toothpick ever since.

(not in)

Thanks for the awesome contest once again!
Schnitzel (cutlets) and spaetzel (hand cut noodles in butter) was a common dish in our German family. I debated and chose cutlets (there were a few). 1952 was my birth year.
This is a great contest. First name, last initial. I can manage to remember it!

The avatar is a self portrait by a not so good artist that I drew during a teleconference a few years ago
My username comes from my brother. "Hey Aaron" gradually became Heron, like how "you all" became y'all.
And my current avatar is just a picture of a lava flow that I took in one of my favorite places to hike - Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah.
We are all made of stardust and I’ve always have been drawn to the blue winter star in the constellation Orion, Rigel.
Oh my avatar.
My mother loved dogwood trees and after she passed away I had one tattooed on my back using this image. I myself really enjoy flowers as well.
I thought that DE-er was a bit too obvious as a pun, and then I thought about the pretty little Capriolus that I see lots of here (in Scotland).

PS, I'm obviously not in CONUS, so this is just a comment
My real name was taken so I simply added the obligatory Australian “o” to the end of it. Tom-o, John-o, Jack-o. You get the idea.

My avatar is a painting of the Greek demi-god Narcissus. A reminder of the perils that can befall those who spend too much of their free time collecting pretty things and staring in the mirror. Remember to look up from the pool after your final rinse and never forsake those that love you. In the modern era I would also extend that to screens. It’s an easy trap to fall into but the world is a lonely place if you only have your echo for company.
Ricksplace comes from the movie "Casablanca". It was a bar where people came to enjoy camaderie and conversation, much like my home on a small spring fed lake in Northern Canada. Family and friends refer to it as "Rick's Place" (probably unaware of the movie reference). When my beach is full of grandkids laughing and splashing around, I'm in heaven.
My avatar is the first custom bottom-adjust Futur clone razor I made and piffed. @FarmerTan won that one.
Respectfully, not in. (not conus)
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Name: A combo of my name, Russell, and a childhood nickname, Rat. They claimed I was slippery as a greased rat’s tails when we played sandlot tackle football.

Avatar: Easy. I graduated from LSU twice, so did my wife and most of my kids. 2019 team is certainly in conversation for GOAT.

Great thread! Starting to go stir-crazy with no sports.
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I don’t remember why I chose my username. Houston is my hometown.

The avatar reminds me of Clint Eastwoodin many of the western movies that I always loved - wish he was wearing a striped mexican poncho. Anyway, its seems like a good Texas stereotype picture.
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Here is a fun idea suggested to me recently: Tell us why you chose the screen name and avatar that you use here on B&B. Everyone has a story and a reason, let's hear it!

There will be three winners chosen by random.org in a few days. The first chosen will have a $50.00 to spend in our store; the second chosen will have $25.00 to spend in our store; the third chosen will receive their choice of one of our very popular sample packs. This is CONUS only please.

Good luck to each of you!
My screen name is my initials plus my wedding anniversary (6/28/03.) I make those numbers my email address, log in, garage code, and everything else I can think of to eliminate the likelihood that I will someday forget it.
Name: nickname sometimes used in college (numbers are birth numbers)

Logo: Googled vintage gillette ads and fancied this one. Reminded me of my wife getting me a razor the Christmas prior.
Thanks for this opportunity. My screen name with the abbreviation for Mountain started with my childhood days when I went to summer camp in the northern Adirondack Mountains. I immediately fell in love with the pristine quality of the lake we were on and the surrounding woods as well as the entire Adirondack Park which we spent a great deal of time exploring on day hikes and multi-night overnights. After the camp closed in 1977 I continued going up each summer with friends just to hike and hang out in the woods. Back then you could really get away from people because the outdoors weren't quite as popular as they are now. And more recently I've taken my son canoe camping for days at a time on the Saranac Lakes. Just spectacular. At some point I will definitely have a cabin up there. So, in my mind that makes me a mountain man, hence MntnMan. The 62 is my year of birth. No surprise there.

And from about the age of 12 when one of my friends older brother was into Zappa, our friend turned us onto FZ and none of us looked back. The first album of his that I ever heard was Overnight Sensation. Between vinyl, CDs and mp3s, I probably have everything he's done from day one through the early Chad Wackerman days. I do need to expand the collection to include every single thing he's done. Just because. Definitely my biggest musical influence with his many insanely skilled drummers as I pretend to be a drummer as well.