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Call me a heretic

I’m probably going to be called a heretic for this. I may have a few shave creams from both Prorazo and TOBS and knightsbridge. Yet I find myself enjoying the inexpensive Barbersol original in a can. I honestly don’t find a difference in shaving quality or skin irritation. So I find myself as my bougie shave creams run out I will probably go back to what I started with circa 1984 Barbersol in a can. A can costs me 1.75 and performs just as good as TOBS. That’s me I can’t speak for others. What I am saying is I am going back to GEN-X old school
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Nothing wrong with canned foam, I use Barbasol or Gillette Foamy when short on time. Both are convenient and work well enough.

Recommend you try a good quality shaving soap before you commit fully to your "heresy" :) . I've found that once dialed in my shaving soaps produce slicker lather, compared to my canned foams, that delivers better shaves. Building a great lather from scratch is one of my favorite parts of the shaving process.

Also, you didn't note how you are using your shaving creams. Do you use a shaving brush? If not you may not be realizing the best possible lather from your shaving creams. I use LEA and Cyril R. Salter Luxury shaving creams and get great results with my 26mm Razorock Monster and Big Bruce brushes. With creams I've found that the key is to use plenty of product to get a rich, creamy and slick lather.

Lots of good soap options out there like Tabac, Arko, Cyril R. Salter, D.R. Harris and Razorock What-the-Puck. Note that my Prorasso Red shave soap, while easily producing lots of lather, is not the slickest soap out there. Recommend you stick with a classic hard soap like those above.

Regardless of what you decide enjoy your shaving journey!

P.S. Edit: Just looked at your earlier posts and see that you use badger and boar brushes. Also that you don't like synthetic brushes due to perceived lack of face feel. YMMV here so understood. In one post you noted that you've have been using your creams like TOBS for close to 20 years. Curious as to what caused your sudden epiphany on the use of shaving creams after all this time? Is it due to local water quality per your March 22nd post "I have very hard water where I live on a scale of hardness for water it’s a 16 the highest on the scale. So I don’t get the lather it’s more of a cream paste with a brush. So canned cream provides a better lather."

On your March 21st post on a canned foam thread you noted that "It’s just the luxury of the brush and soap that is nice." so I'm guessing you would prefer using creams or a soap if they could work for you.

Recommend you clarify if it's just local water quality driving your decision to return to canned shaving cream versus the general statement you led with in this thread. It sounds like you would prefer the luxury of your creams and a good shaving soap if they could work for you. Have you ever tried lathering with bottled water? Since you use a higher end Rockwell T2 razor (great choice thanks to it's adjustment mechanism that is similar to the classic Gillette adjustables) bottled water may enable you to continue enjoying a more luxurious shaving experience.

P.S.S. Thank you for your service!
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What's the fun using Barbasol? You can't spend $$ on brushes, different soaps and creams and then more $$$$$$ on brushes and soaps/creams.......

Shaving is a hobby for me. I love all the different soaps/ cream scents, aftershaves and balms and, of course, adding to my collection of brushes whether I need another one or not. :c9:
Arko! Arko! Arko!

I haven’t tried it, but it’s probably more economical than even foamy. It’s also widely loved here, although some aren’t a fan of the scent.

If you try it and don’t like it you could start an Arko pass around. It would probably be the first pass around that cost more to ship to the next person than the price of the item being shared.


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Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
The citronella pickaxe to the teeth fades very quickly with ARKO!, but its lemon/Nag Champa/patchouli bouquet endures while its slickness rewards.

Çok yaşa, ARKO!
Çok yaşa, ARKO!
Çok yaşa, ARKO!
I would associate Edge with gen X, not Barbasol.

Yes, this. I was born at the very end of the Gen X period, in 1981. I used Edge goo from the first time I shaved till I made the switch to DE a decade ago. My father, who was born in the early 1950s, has used Barbasol for probably since he got his first razor (which was a '63 Gillette Slim, and which I now own).

For earlier in the Gen X era (say, my older sister), maybe Noxzema? Whatever the product, it was paired with a Bic disposable.
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