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Need Help Finding Shaving Mug

Hello, I've recently moved and lost a shaving mug that was given to me several years ago during a recent move, and can not seem to find it online. Attached is a picture of a shaving mug that appears to be visually similar to it, barring the handle, indented surface on the inside, and lack of what I am calling a soaking compartment. I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. Can anyone help me identify the make and model of the shaving mug, and if it is still available online? This was given to me around the early to mid 2010's.


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Apologies for the poor MS Paint quality, I'm pretty much unable to find anything that remotely resembles the one I got from my father. If anyone could help me, it'd mean a lot.


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Perhaps it might be this one...

If so, it looks like he has closed down shop.
Perhaps it might be this one...
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If so, it looks like he has closed down shop.
It was a cylindrical cup, like the one I posted, with a rectangular holder directly opposite the cup/mug handle, with was completely symmetrical. I’m kicking myself for losing the darn thing. Thank you for helping!


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There are a great many suitable bowls - probably some of them are in your kitchen cabinets - but my suggestion is to take this as an opportunity to consider a scuttle. They cost a little bit more, but provide all the benefits of a bowl PLUS beautiful warm lather.

There are also many scuttles, but my favorite is the Georgetown Pottery G12. I started with a very large scuttle, and it did take me a few weeks to get comfortable with the size of the G12, but I appreciate the ability to hold it in my left hand while building lather.

Honestly you guys have been so helpful with this. I'm going to be looking into buying some of the mugs/bowls suggested very soon, but I still have a fixation for identifying that shaving mug/bowl just on the principle of the matter. The first image is what I could find on what the bit on the side looked like, and the second is what the mug/bowl looked like, sans a cup handle, to scale with a razor and brush. I don't know if the style went out of fashion, but I can't seem to find these features anywhere I look.


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Well, I found it on Temu, and subsequently Amazon. Apparently the company shifted from using it as a shaving mug to using it to hold soup and crackers, I kid you not. Still, it was my first shaving bowl. Big thanks to everyone who helped me out!I couldn't have done it without you!

PS, I'm pretty sure it looks like a modern take on this, in my mind. ( Utensil - Mug Large, Tin - https://www.ccsutlery.com/store/product3014.html )



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