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Building own beltgrinder

I got the tip from http://badgerandblade.com/vb/member.php/74023-bluesman-7 in this thread I started recently: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/378714-How-to-heat-treat-a-file
The tip was, give the homebuilt beltgrinder it's own topic, so here it is ;)

I'm makning my first real 2x72 beltgrinder. After long searches on the internet and youtube I started to design a grinder that would be easy to fabricate and should do a fine job in grinding and restoring some razors and scales.

Here is the design I'm using ( cm's and inch together to make it easy :cursing: )

2014-01-09 17.24.42 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

So I bought some steel:

2014-01-03 11.04.03 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

And i strated to buy the other parts that I would need.

Of course a contact wheel is a must, so I got this one. 8" x 2" :)

2014-01-09 21.35.55 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

2014-01-04 15.44.20 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

The wheel is not 100% flat ion the runningsurface, but nothing a few mm's in a lathe won't cure.

Some knobs, with the long one for the trackingwheel

2014-01-09 21.36.01 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

And some nice stainless handles :)

2014-01-09 21.35.46 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

And nothing can run without a good motor. In this case and industiall 230v, 1HP motor, 1410 rpm, 3 phase is going to be perfect.

2014-01-09 21.36.35 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

And I'm waiting for the postman to deliver this piece to regulate the rpm of the motor :)
1 phase 230v in, 3 phase 230v out

So it's almost tim to start putting it all toghether, which I'll share with you all of course.

Updates coming, enjoy
Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Just keep it metric, if that's what you're using and if it will make things easier. We can do our own conversions as needed. IMO, it's better to know the actual dimensions you are using, as conversions can be inexact and practical supply can vary from place to place.
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The plan is to make a descent blueprint in a later stage. i have mad blueprints form all individual parts, but the rough master sketch has it all haha
Thanks, no I'm going to weld it all, well probably fry it, but it should be ok, holding together by the paint ;)
Thanks, no I'm going to weld it all, well probably fry it, but it should be ok, holding together by the paint ;)

Awesome!!! Nothing beats a good 2x72 grinder, it looks like you have a great start. I did a similar build, I used a polar bear forge kit as the base though - it worked out really well but it wasn't just "put it together" it took quite a bit of work. The VFD was TOTALLY worth the money. You'll love it. I rarely if ever use the grinder at full speed. If you google 'mid budget grinder' you'll find a thread on another forum that documents my build if you're interested. It was a fun and challenging project for me, and I learned a lot. I'm sure you will too!

it is definitely challenging getting your tracking correct and everything. I played around a bit, sometimes a few washers here and there is all it takes to get everything lined up.

I ended up with Sunray wheels and they are great, they run very true and I have not had problems with them. I think I got 70A durometer wheels and they are excellent for razor grinding.

I don't think I'd do anything differently, I'm sure you'll feel the same when you finish - when you build something yourself it really becomes "yours" and you love it even more.

Good luck, I can't wait to see it completed!!
It is going to be. I have a spring, but also a screw to lock it it it needs to. Comes in handy when building and measuring also :)
This may help you out a ton .


and here is my build that may help you as well .

parts lay out and build: (8 Photos )

starting to come together: (7 photos)

And finishing it up ready to use : (5 Photos)

I was /am trying to help not highjack your thread and I do hope it helps you with your build .

Best Regards
Thank you Brian, & Shaggy by all means take your time to build it it will pay off in the long run . I added a few extra things on mine for personal ease of using the KMG like a tension lock to change belts and larger handles .
Ok, latest small update:

Had to cut of the motorbracket. Wasn't straight enough for my liking. Welded the rest of the frame and the contactwheel arm plus tracking arm. Put in the axle for the contactwheel, mounted the spring for the tracking mechanism.

Now Im waiting for a reply from the UK were I have to get my drive wheel from. And then it's just the electronics left, and some mounting holes to fasten on my workbench, plus a nice paintjob :)

2014-01-25 22.16.10 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr

2014-01-25 22.16.23 by Remco van de Sanden, on Flickr
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