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Best Way To Hang Strops? Your Best Idea...

Stores in my room on a wall mounted hammock hook. Clips to towel bar when needed. I use this one with a bent gate as it makes for a wider mouth to clamp on in more places.

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And useful if one needs an escape aid say on or above the 2nd floor bathroom. ;) I also use quality climbing carabiners (about $6 per when on sale @ REI). Not that I need the capacity; they simply function much better than low-grade knock-off versions.
Now that's super bad-***, Vic! :)
Thanks. It took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with such a simple idea. Been thinking about hooks for years now.

A blacksmith that demoed at our conference did a project where he made a different hook every day for a year. I didn't see a single one that said 'strop hook' to me in viewing his collection.
Cool hook.
Not sure how that is mounted but if you can put threads on for screwing to a wall I bet you could sell them for strops. Everyone knows the shape! Love the pivot pin hole too.
I hang them from a ring on the rod in the closet. The kind you hang hangers on.
Then I just open the closet, pick a strop, strop right there in the closet, and walk into the bathroom to shave.