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Lapping my first tomo nagura

Like the title says.
When I got my Kiita jnat it came with a perfect tomo nagura, a real fool proof match made in heaven.
When I moved house I lost the nagura.
The seller sent me another but i couldn’t get it to work with the base stone, so I sold it on.
Then I bought another from a different seller. The stone worked but didn’t make the same sizzling edges as the original one did.
The seller of the original one has very kindly sent me a rough chunk of nagura to try only charging me for the postage.
The stone came unlapped and quite rough.
I’d never prepared a nagura before so I had to choose which side I would dress and prepare for use.

The natural curve on the side shown in the lower photo looked good so I chose that side.
Using a 600 diamond plate I rounded the curve, smoothed the face of the stone and chamfered the edges.
Then I did the same with the 1000 grit side of the plate, then gave it a good rub down on the base stone.
I sealed up the edges with two coats of clear nail varnish, and was ready to go.
After this treatment the stone, which came with a grey white colour, took on a very yellow colour similar to my Kiita.

It made a nice orangy slurry which doesn’t really show in the photo.
Being my first try with it I touched up my Friodur which has a nice Welsh slate edge.
I just gave it maybe 60 laps or so on a milky slurry then gave it a strop.
The HHT is very good, not silent, but it was good anyway before this hone.
I have a strong feeling I can make it quite a lot better with a little longer honing but I want to see how today’s efforts translate into a shave.
Anyway that’s my first experience of preparing a rough stone and I have to say it was a lot of fun and an hour well spent.
Nice to say I got a really beautiful shave from the Friodur this morning.
The stones seem to like each other.
I touched up my restore razor on it tonight.
I did about 100 laps today rather than the quick 50 of yesterday, so let’s see how that goes.
Nothing better than finding the right tomo for your base! Might want to try and snag an extra 1 or 2 to try if you ever see em pop up (just as a back up).
Yes it’s a delight.
My restore razors edge wasn’t excellent, I may have rounded it on too thick a slurry.
I gave it 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1, laps on a King 1k then a few X strokes, then same progression on my Kiita jnat with a diamond slurry.
Feels great to hone on.
I know from experience that this will remove all the 1k stria and leave a lovely kasumi finish.
Then I made a nice watery slurry with my new tomo nagura and did the same progression on that.
Finally I added a little water and watched it undercut like hell.
I learned that nagura are named from the samurai Nagura Siccone (sic?) who either discovered or learned that a slurry stone could improve the edge.
HHT is splendid, looking forward to the shave.
I find some steels respond differently to my different stones.
Some like slate and water, others love a coticule, some like coti with oil.
Sometimes it’s not enough that the Tomo likes the Aswedo, they both have to like the steel too.
Let’s hope they like this restore razor.
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Pleased to report the restore razor shaved great today.
A lovely smooth edge which left a long lasting niceness to the touch.
A thinner slurry and fewer laps was the key on this razor/stones combo.
As I had the stones out I sharpened up the kitchen knives for the first time since Xmas.
Just the King 1k and 6k for those.
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