ATT SE2 vs ATT SE1 vs Colonial General SS

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    The ATT would be a great upgrade from what you have but you could save yourself a few bucks by picking up the Stainless General from Colonial. For $99 it has proven to be a very efficient razor that shaves as good or better than the SE1 from what I've seen posted on them both. I use the Schick Proline in mine and get on average of 20 shaves per blade. Just giving you another option to go with...
  1. This morning went back to my ATT Calypso SE1 + Proline after a long run with my Generals + AC Pro Super or Pro Guard. Wonderfully effective shave, and very smooth. :thumbup:
  2. Watch your language, young feller, this is a public market. ~ O Brother, Where art Thou...
  3. SE1 plus Kai Pink Blade is such a smooth perfectly balanced shave.
    I’m really seeing how different blade choices can lead to radically different performances from this razor.
    The ATT SE1/2 combo is such a pleasure to use!

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  4. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    After using the General for awhile I went back to the ATT SE1 with a feather blade. I like the fact that it has a little bit more blade exposure than the General. I like to feel the blade a little when I shave. But of course the more blade feel the more you have to pay attention what you are doing.

  5. It’s good to hear this report.
    I’ve been considering acquiring a General but I too like blade feel in my razors and absolutely love the SE1 already.
  6. luv2shave

    luv2shave Contributor

    This is very reassuring. I ordered an ATT 7 piece set with the slant heads and also a SE1 and SE2 head combo over the General. Looks like I made the right choice. Eager for it to land at my doorstep !

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  7. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    The General is a fine razor but to me it's the Edwin Jagger of SE razors.
  8. Ha ha - that tells me all I need to know about it...
  9. luv2shave

    luv2shave Contributor

    This tells all !! Any experience with the general vs the RR aluminium hawk V2 ?
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  10. I will be using the General in SS and a RR Black Hawk V2 (aluminum) in the next few days. Rather than clutter up this thread, you can see my thoughts over in my journal:

    The Quest: DFS + 0 Irritation or Ingrown Hairs

    Hope that link works.

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  11. Blatant Generalism! Or should I say Colonialism? :001_tt2:

    I've grown rather fond of my two aluminum Generals: they're carefree shavers. (But they cried out for better handles -- the two on the right, below.) Whereas I quickly outgrew my EJ, I feel sure that my Generals are will be with me for the long haul.

  12. Agree. I use a handle from a RazoRock Baby Smooth with the General. It is also made of aluminum so it balances very well with it.
    I found the stock handle too slippery and too thin.
  13. Yes, my UFO Kaiser is made of aluminum, too, and pairs very well. The copper one, a long "cross spiral" design from Charcoal Goods, is heavier and makes for a somewhat more aggressive shave. The interchangeable handle is a big advantage of (most) safety razors, isn't it? :lol1:
  14. My thoughts on the two are up in my journal, linked above now. Hope it helps.
  15. I pay attention to recommendations from @davidsilva since we have a similar love of aggressive razors and many favourites in common so I switched to a Pro Super in the SE1 tonight.
    It was as close to shaving perfection as a man might hope to find upon this Earth:
  16. davidsilva

    davidsilva Contributor

    Thank you for the kind mention Marcus!
    Although I enjoy all the AC blades, my top 2 favorites are the Feather SuperPro followed closely by the Shick Proline. The Super sure does take the SE1 to a new level!
  17. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    My favorite two blades as well, but I prefer the Proline.
  18. davidsilva

    davidsilva Contributor

    @Tokyospike, the Proline is a truly fine blade! The Prosuper I reserve for those times when I crave a skin peel close shave
  19. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    @davidsilva, I know exactly what you mean.

    Today or tomorrow will be my first shave with the SE2, and I am getting pretty excited about it.

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