ATT SE2 vs ATT SE1 vs Colonial General SS

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Chan Eil Whiskers, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Good luck.

    I really wanted to like it, and I could certainly shave with it. One of the guys mentioned to me his impression of it. I thought he described its shave perfectly with one word.


    The SE2 was okay on my cheeks and not bad on my neck but my chin, lower lip, and upper lip had a time of it whenever I used the razor. I wanted to use it daily for a month and learn it but I couldn't make myself do it. It as not a fun razor for me. Not saying that means anything as applied to you because it doesn't.

    The only blade I've tried in the SE2 is the Proline. I suspect it's different with the various blades. Plus, it's different with various skin and whisker combinations.

    Spike, I really hope you love the SE2, and I'm pulling for you.

    Happy shaves,

  2. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    Thanks, Jim. As Anthony pointed out, the fact that I don't shave my chin or upper lip may mean I'm one of the people for whom this razor will actually be better than the SE1. Today or tomorrow will tell the tale . . .
  3. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    I'll bet it's going to be great for you. I didn't see Anthony's post, nor did I know you have whiskers.

    Happy shaves,

  4. I used the SE2 for the first time this past Monday with a Feather Pro. It was certainly more efficient than my RRHawk V2. I had a few weepers and my face was actually a bit sore the next day. I am certain it was the operator, not the equipment. Next shave with the SE2, I will be more aware of letting the razor do the work, and will be a bit more cautious on technique.
  5. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    I finally got around to trying the SE2 baseplate.


    Like taking the training wheels off the SE1. Details are over here.
  6. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    Have you compared the brass to the aluminum General? I am looking to pick up a General just to check it out prior to acquiring a SS model. I am wondering if either the brass or aluminum will do... in regard to demonstrating a good example of what the General offers.
  7. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    Leonard, I had to challenge my feeble memory to remember this whole sequence of events...

    After I used the loaned aluminum General, I decided to buy one. I found one in stainless at a good price and, because I generally like my razors heavier, I went for it. I've not tried the brass version, and I have little memory of the aluminum version, but I most surely enjoy the stainless version. I still find myself using the RX and SE2 the most, but the General, the MR SE, the Mongoose and the Alumigoose also get airplay.
  8. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    Interesting. I like my Vector but I think I will definitely pursue a General. I understand they will be releasing more SS models in the near, whatever that means, future. Meanwhile I will keep my eyes and ears open.
  9. The brass General is significantly heavier than the Aluminum. The aluminum I tried was even on an SS handle and the weight difference was very noticeable. The actual shave results were pretty close to the same for me compared to the brass (I tried one that had been given a very nice nickel plating), with maybe a slight nod to the brass. However for feel of the stroke, comfort, and weight, I favored the brass. I like heftier razors.

    Comparing to the Vector, it’s like the smooth ride of a Cadillac or limo to the smooth but slightly edgy ride of a Ferrari.

    Yes, I heard a v2 General is in the works. I hope they produce and keep plenty of stock of them this time.

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