ATT SE2 vs ATT SE1 vs Colonial General SS

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Chan Eil Whiskers, Dec 9, 2017.

    Thanks David! Definitely for me the v1 SE2 is shaving like a smoother Rx.

    And the SE1 is just a notch down in aggression and a notch up in smoothness compared to that which makes it like the FaTip of SEs I guess and the best balanced of them all.

    My favourite AC safety razor is still the Alumigoose v1 which manages to be more aggressive and smoother than any other.
    However it is comparatively ugly and also unavailable (they only made 200 eh?)
    So the ATT SE1/2 has got to take the prize :)
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    I have the SE1, SE2 V1 and V2. I found the SE1 to be far superior to the Cobra Classic and the SE2 V2 to be smoother than the RX and just as efficient.

    The ATT SE1/2 is unbeatable!
  2. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    Great to see all y'all chiming in on some great razors! I've got the Mongoose v2, Alumigoose v2, Asylum RX, ATT SE2, General in stainless and Ikon MR SE. I confess I like them all, which I can't say about my DEs, injectors or Gem-blade razors. I place the RX and SE2 above the others, though each is very different from the other. The General is my best AC-blade razor for an effortless shave. But, as I said, I really like them all. We're living in a golden era for razors!
  3. I’m feeling my face 12hrs after the shave with the SE1 and it’s a remarkable result.
    What a great razor!
  4. I only shave 3-4 times a week now thanks to the SE1. I use to shave daily, no need to with the SE1.
  5. And now back to the SE2 - that Feather Pro Blade is settling in and smoothing out on shave #3.
    This SE2 is such a heavy hitter but so comfortable with it too:
    Alternating between the SE1 and SE2 could be the way forwards!
  6. 24hrs after the SE2 shave I still barely had any stubble but I need to look smart for work tomorrow so it was time for the SE1 tonight.
    Ha ha - I NEED both the SE1 and the SE2!!
  7. davidsilva

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    Thanks to Scott, Marcus, Hendrick, and to others posting here, I decided to order an ATT SE1. I certainly don’t *need* another modern SE razor, but the posts here convinced me I need an efficient razor with the blade exposure dialled back a notch. Should arrive this weekend.

    I am noticing a steady occurrence of ingrown hairs over the last 6 months or so, and decided I don’t need to aim for maximum hours of BBS results, the SE1 will be my tool to test this. Seems like a win win razor choice by members experience.

    Thanks guys! -David
  8. The ingrown hairs are probably caused by using a blade too long. I used a Proline longer than I normally do and I got a surprise ingrown. When a blade doesn't cut cleanly due to not being as sharp, it will leave the stubble with a sharp tip.

    If your ingrowns come after the blade has dulled a bit, then dial back on how long you use the blade!

    I can use a Proline more than a dozen shaves, but after that ingrown may come, so I don't use them that long.

    The ATT SE1/Proline is my favorite and has been since I bought it.
  9. You always have very insightful advice, sir. I had never considered a dull blade as a potential source for ingrowns, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you, again, for the enlightenment!
  10. Hello gentlemen, I feel my question didn’t warrant it’s own thread so I’ll ask it here. I have a SS General which I have used for the last month and love it, then I bought a used 2016 ATT SE1 head and noticed the Schick Prolines did not fit, but what concerned me more was that with a Feather(which fit) when I tightened everything up, I would have to align the cap and plate straight. Is this issue present on the current production razors?
  11. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    It is not present on my purchased used from ATT 2016 SE1 head. The Prolines fit fine. The Prolines fit exactly the same on my 2017 SE2 and my 2016 SE1. Zero difference.

    You shouldn't be having to align anything. The only thing I can think of is the Feather blade is not properly aligned when you tighten everything up.

    I find it easier to put blades on the SS General, but the Prolines and other blades certainly fit both razors, ATT SE1 and ATT SE2, exactly the same.

    Something is wrong. Pictures?

    Happy shaves,

  12. I've heard of the Prolines not fitting early SE1 heads. @shave/brush has one of those... I don't think I've ever heard of him having alignment issues though.
  13. Yeah, Schick Prolines don't fit the cap of the early SE1's. The holes on the Proline blade are slightly smaller than the holes on Feather and Kai blades. Feather and Kai blades were difficult to remove from the cap of early SE1's, so ATT made the tabs on the cap slightly smaller which allow the Proline blade to fit.

    You'll have to get a newer cap if you want to use Prolines.
  14. Thanks guys the alignment issue isn’t too bad and I haven’t even shaved with it. I have been having irritation free BBS shaves with my SS General with a Kai Pink, so I’m not too worried. I wrote that I was concerned earlier, but I guess annoyed is more accurate.
  15. I switched blades in the SE2 v1 and used a Kai Pink.
    For me this blade works much much better here than the Feather Pro.
    The Kai Pink produced a spectacularly good shave in the SE2.

    Like the Personna Injector Blades, I think for me the standard Feather Pros work best in shavettes.
    Clearly now the Kai Pink is a blade of choice for me in the SE2:
  16. I like the Kai guarded blade in the SE2. Unfortunately, I find the combo close in performance to the SE1/Proline combo with the SE1/Proline slightly better. Proline blades are much cheaper.

    The Kai guarded blade tames the SE2 nicely.
  17. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Good to know.
  18. I don't want to jack the thread, but would it be safe to assume that if the ATT SE combo with both heads be a great step up from the RR Hawk V2? I hate to throw down $200, but......
  19. davidsilva

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    @JudoJim I find the SE1 to be a significant step up in efficiency compared to the Hawk. For me it is easy ti dial in with a Feather Pro Super a bit more aggressive than a Schick Proline. 2 pass perfection.
    I tend to like aggressive razors, the SE1 is just right.

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