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Anyone can recommend a good efficient razor?

Hi guys,

Just about to buy a new razor. This will be my first but I'm happy to jump into the deep end as soon or later i'll be there anyway.
I'd like the word efficiency and not having to go back and forth getting those stubborn hairs.

If you was to buy one razor to have that you would be satisfied with and not go out and buy more, what would you recommend.
I do not wanna spend more than maybeee $30 - $70 but if you think I should spend more ($100) I'll do it.

At the end of the day it will last a lifetime so why not.

This is what I've seen online but I've not explored other brands so this is just something to fill in the table haha.

Merkur 38C / 34C / 24c not too fussed what exact type

Muhle R89

Edwin Jagger DE89

Also seen

Muhle Rocca R96 - Expensive side

As you see some are cheaper than others haha.

One that I have found and might risk it was the Giesen & Forsthoff Timor 1350 for 55 - Middle

If you pro's out there can lead me onto a better path then I'd really appreciate it! :D
I've seen you can also add your own handles and heads.

Any opinions are welcome! Other brands and so on!
As for modern DE razors:

Search Karve Overlander, Yates 921 and Razorock Gamechanger (and, if you could find one, The Winning Razor) on this Forum.
Maybe dozens or hundreds of hours of research reading.

Read, read and read some more. Then buy.
Welcome to the forum! You are going to get endless suggestions as this is kind of like asking what are the
best sounding stereo speakers you should buy without knowing about your source, DAC, amplifier, and specifics of the room it will be used.

Enjoy the journey as what you like today will change as your shaving evolves. My suggestion is to check out and consider slants!
Agreed that either RazoRock/Italian Barber or perhaps PAA (I haven't scoped their razors lately) might have an offering that meets your requirements. I would suggest reading forum posts and reviews over any marketing on any particular retailer's website, so you'd be likely to encounter greater honesty--though of course, each review is anecdotal and you might have a completely different experience.

They're outside your price range, but Timeless and Blackland offer a no-risk trial period which would give you a chance to acclimate to their razors.

If this is your first DE razor I would suggest picking something more reliably user friendly, even if you move on to a different razor later. You already have a steep learning curve ahead of you, and a challenging razor (R41, razors with high gaps eg Lupo .95, some OC razors) while certainly more efficient, might turn you off the whole experience before you even begin. Safer bets would be RJ DE89, R89, the GameChanger series from RazoRock, a later-model vintage Gillette Tech or an adjustable might be good. I started with the Merkur 34C and probably should've switched pretty soon after I started, because it's so mild it taught me some bad habits.
Asking this bunch is going to net you lots of options. For a first razor it’s a tough call really. You don’t really know what you like just yet. What I mean by that is blade gap, blade exposure, material, weight etc. All these play a role in liking or not liking a razor. Took my over 10 years to figure out what I like best and what type of razor works well for me. Been at this for about 15 years now and still buy a new razor from time to time.

If I were you I’d look at something from RazorRock as you get a lot of bang for the buck. I have their Lupo 95 and like it, but I prefer a razor with positive blade exposure. The Karve Overlander is also a very nice option for mild, yet efficient. The Rocca is a nice razor as well…I have the R94.

You might want to look at some vintage razors like the Gillette Tech, Super Speed or something along those lines. They aren’t going to break the bank either.

Good luck in your quest.
Not sure, I may of missed some info like: how long have you been wet shaving with a DE.
And what are you using.
First and foremost, I recommend working on your technic, skills, patience and consistency. Also your prep, shaving process, and post shave are all equally important.
Sure, need a good safe tool that works for you start...but it more you than the tool..the magic is in you..takes time ...


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I won't add to the confusion, I'm sure you're going to receive a lot of suggestions and will arrive a good decision. I will point out that the Buy/Sell/Trade is a great tool for anyone's journey. Many, many of us have sent razors to new homes and made purchases of our own. You're first razor need not be your last and if you find it not to your liking you can put it on there for sale or trade. Also, consider browsing it before making that first purchase. You may find something that otherwise would have been a tad out of your price range or save a few bucks on something you were considering buying new. I believe you can read the forum but I don't think you can post until have 25 posts elsewhere.

Anyway, good luck, welcome and I look forward to reading more.
Buy/Sell/Trade is a great tool
Indeed it is. And take heart @Spicy mf once you have 10 posts anywhere in the forum you can direct message users regarding their for-sale items, which is how most transactions occur from BST listings.

You need 50 posts and 45 days of membership to make posts to the BST subforum, plenty of time to try a razor and decide if it’s worth keeping or passing on.
Welcome! I hope you enjoy the journey in finding what's right for you. There is a vast amount of choices in finding the one. Many like myself haven't found it yet. To me it's like finding a unicorn or that old Lexus slogan when they came out in 89 "the relentless pursuit of perfection". We know that the concept of perfection might not be truly achieved but we can sure get close to it. My recommendation, I say go big and spend it on the new Blackland Osprey.
There are so many good choices it is hard to recommend one without knowing you or your preferences. I'll make an attempt by focusing on the lower end of your price range to narrow the field.

New DE razors that are under $30: Razorock German 37 slant with UFO handle or Fatip Grande open comb.

Vintage DE razors that are under $30: 1950s Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip, 1930s Gillette NEW Long Comb or Short Comb, late 1940s Gillette Tech fat handle or ball end handle with no date code. Also consider Schick Krona.
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First of all, I think you need to define your hair type. Efficiency for someone with soft downy hair and someone with bristles stiff enough to score pine boards would be hugely different. Also, is your facial hair sparse or thick?

Personally, my facial hair trends towards the latter and razors like the '89s and Karve overlander basically shave as poorly as the back of a wooden spoon. Not to knock these razors at all, as there are many who swear by it. But by and large, your facial hair type will make a huge difference. To deal with coarse hair, you will need a razor with a larger gap, more exposure, and yet firm clamping.

If you have thicker hair, you may want to consider an open comb or slant.

So based on your request, I would start considering the Razorock/Italian barber .84 open comb (which is at the lower end of the aggression and efficiency spectrum) and move towards the Razorock .95 Lupo OC. If you want even more Ooomph, you can also consider the Muhle R41. There are other razors, but the prices do tend to be higher. For another $10+ and if you prefer european products, you can also consider Stando's Cat Claws or Leschy which are very efficient for their price point. There are plenty more razors but they are mainly north of the $100 range.


I would stay away from the Giesen & Forsthoff Timor razors as they look like they are rebranding a bunch of cheaper razors. I see the 1350 is quite literally the head of a FATIP bolted onto a wooden handle. Some of the other Timor razors are either the '89 clone or cheap aliexpress razors rebranded.
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Get a Muhle R89. The Muhle has brass screw threads where the EJ DE89 doesn't.

After 7 years of double edge shaving, the Muhle R89 is my daily shaver.

Alternate excellent choices are the Merkur 34C and Merkur Progress.

All my recommendations have been around for a very long time and are time proven favorites.
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I would try the whole Razorock range or their Chinese clones.
If you want a jaw dropper, both in looks and in efficiency yet staying mild, try the Lambda razors. Not as easily and readily available, but not overly expensive.
Greencult razors are becoming easier to acquire also outside of Europe, sold by Italianbarber. Stando also comes to mind.

I just have to add it, this is not meant as a slight against anyone or their preferences. But there are so many razors by now that in many ways outperform the R89/DE89 design, in steel or brass.

There is also the vintage option, let me end with recommending a Tech. Yep, it easily trumps the R89/DE89 heads! :LMS
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