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Anyone a one pass guy ?

I do only one pass , after a hot shower . No pre shave , just a 70s black handle Superspeed , Only cold water is what I use for post shave , nothing fancy , but it works . Damn close to bbs shave every time .
When people talk about a three pass shave are they lathering their whole face, shaving and then doing that twice more? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
I lather up, shave and then touch up a couple spots.
I’m a busy man.
I lather one time and shave ATG with as many strokes needed to achieve BBS. ATG for me is south to north in most areas, but also east/west and west/east in some areas. I only use razors that hold the blade extremely rigid. Rigidity makes all the difference! BBS is a must every shave for me.
I do something similar. I lather my entire face and then use as many strokes as possible to shave each quadrant of my face: right side of face, left side of face, right side of neck and left side of neck. I always re-lather before starting on my neck and, depending on the humidity, I sometimes re-lather before shaving the left side of my face.

I have always shaved this way. Also, I hold the razor in my right hand for the right side and vice versa.
Never did a one pass with a DE. It only takes an extra 2 minutes to do 2nd pass. If I'm that pressed for time.,..I won't shave.
If I only do one pass with my DE(WTG) it feels like I didn't even shave. I think this is due to the way my beard grows. I've tried one pass against the grain, but that gives a lot of irritation for me.

I always had to do multiple passes with a cart razor as well.
I am a one pass guy, with a mild Tech. A few touch ups afterwards in the chin area and I am done.


I was a 3-pass shaver. The shaves were silly close. With a little practice I found I got shaves with two passes that were plenty good enough. I do a bit of touchup on difficult sections of my neck. I've started out intending to do a one-pass, but always ended up doing a second lather. It might be something to work on.
Right now I am a 2 pass guy. First pass WTG and second pass ATG. After reading this thread I am thinking about trying a one pass with ATG. I'll see what happens.
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I’m a daily shaver and probe to irritation so one pass for me. 5oclock shadow comes in early but I prefer that over irritation.
With my most aggressive razor, I can get away with one pass and a bit of touch up and end up in very good shape. With less aggressive razors, 2 passes are needed, also with touch up. My beard grows in so many different directions, no single pass alone will get 'er done.
Back when I was working outside the home and before discovering the lure of traditional shaving, I'd never been exposed to the phrase multiple passes, but a thick scruff and requirement for a good shave had me doing a second pass (this with a cart) over most of the face, with some what I now know is buffing in certain areas. Nowadays, when I am in a big rush, I'll grab a synthetic brush and some Proraso cream, but still almost always end up with 3 passes at least, and feeling scruffy at that.

I'm thinking the answer to the OP's question lies in each gent's particular beard, combined with their sense of what constitutes acceptable. My almost daily routine is 4 full passes & a touchup pass
I've been a (sort of) one-passer for years, ever since I started wet shaving. What do I mean by "sort of"? I gently rub my Mach 3 in ATG fashion over an area, changing direction depending on the direction of the stubble. The I rub some water of the shaven skin, mixed with the last remnants of lather and shear off the remaining stubble. The BBS is so absurdly smooth that I have to go 48 hours before I can shave again. And miraculously, I've never had an in-grown as a result of this.

Or maybe this isn't one pass in any way. What qualifies as a pass gets a little blurred to me, and I honestly don't care much anyway.
The key for me is not to chase a BBS--after all, the smoothness only lasts several hours at most. That's where I run into problems with nicks, weepers, and cuts. I usually do a three-pass, sometimes a two-pass, and rarely a one-pass.