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Another delicious summer soap scent.

I was perusing a farmers market over the weekend, and found some more of that lemon rose bath soap that started some madness around here... And right next to it at the booth was another scent that I just had to purchase.

Cucumber Melon.

Smells delicious, and I'm contemplating going all Arko user on it and tasting some of the suds.

Might have to seek out a custom order for it, and potentially add in some menthol to really bump up the cool cucumber effect.

I have managed to find one soapmaker who currently (found others who no longer have it) makes some shaving soaps with the Cucumber Melon scent - "Bald Frog." Has anyone encountered Bald Frog shaving soaps? How does it perform?
I think reviews of Bald Frog soaps are generally good.

I'm sure Mama Bear has a cucumber-melon scented shaving soap. she just has to.

Nancy Boy Replenishing shave cream is essentially a cucumber scent.
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