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Stirling Soap Company Visit

I had the opportunity to visit the Stirling Soap Company's store in Paris, Arkansas, as I was visiting the general area. Let's be frank, there's nothing near Paris, Arkansas, a quaint little coal mining town with a population of just over 3,200 residents. The most notable business in town is Stirling Soap Company.

Stirling Soap Company's brick & mortar store was not what I expected. I thought I'd see a small shop and be overwhelmed by scents the moment I entered. Neither were true. It was a large shop, with lots of room to walk around. The shelves were stocked with products, and frequently young women would come from the back to the shelves to pick up items for shipment.

I asked where the soaps were made and one of the young women (there were only young women at the shop), said that they were made a couple of blocks away, and every morning more arrived to be stocked on the shelves. The shelves were stocked with every soap they make with large stacks of soap in 5.8 ounce containers, 4.5 ounce refill pucks, and 1 ounce sample pucks. There was also a discount shelf with discontinued items.

My main goal in visiting the shop was to try each scent, to see for myself if I'd like what many of you have lauded as your favorites. I opened one of each type of 5.8 ounce soap container, and sniffed them all. I've found that scents are a very personal thing, and some scents I thought I'd like... I didn't. I tended to prefer the milder scented soaps - Baker Street, Triumph, Duke, Sandpiper, Sharp Dressed Man, Stirling Gentleman, Unscented (beeswax), etc. The danger in my experiment was that I liked far more soaps than I planned to purchase, and had to narrows the list.

At the back was the packing and shipping area, which was quite busy with many boxes being prepared for shipment. I added to their shipment list, sending home most of what I'd bought instead of taking it all with me as shipping was free with a $70 purchase. When received, I noted that free (bath) soap samples were included in my box. In addition to shaving items I bought other soap products as gifts for relatives. Next to the shop was Stirling Roasters (coffee), which was unmanned with displays and appeared to be a work in progress.

If you visit, I'd recommend lunch at the nearby restaurant on the west corner, where they have inexpensive but delicious soups, sandwiches & salads. A few blocks away was the free Logan County Jail Museum, stuffed full of collectibles from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries, as well as a large private collection of arrowheads. Near the jail was the scene of the last hanging in Arkansas, where a convicted murderer met his end, with the story of the trial and its evidence located in the museum. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable visit and I would highly recommend it.








Excellent post! The pics were great, happy you had a very pleasant experience…the customer service has always been exceptional, glad to see the service girls were knowledgeable, and provided a nice customer experience. Seems like your visit to Stirling exceeded your expectations too. It’s wonderful to read that a small town has a business run so well.
I love these success stories of small town America, brick and mortar family owned and ran business.
So many main streets are dead or dying these days in towns this size and smaller.

Living in a town of about the same population, we have a vibrant main street thankfully but this is often not the case.
Seeing these old buuildings repurposed to be used for something else is good to see in today's throw away society that would rather just tear down and build new.

People forget how a virbrant main street can affect so many other things on an ancillary basis such as in cases like this where the author decided to check things out, purchased a meal at the local diner and perhaps feels a bit more vested in this company having seen how things actually work, rather than just sticking some items in a cart online to have it pulled from some mega and unremarkable warehouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks for sharing the story of your visit and pics!

Stirling offers a lot of really good shave stuff at reasonable prices. The format of their shave soap samples is my favorite in all of shavedom! Sandpiper is an awesome scent for me. I have the full-size shave soap, aftershave splash, and balm. I may even use it tonight!
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