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Acquistions Monday Nov 7- Sun Nov 13

Harris Arlington Soap
T&H Spanish Leather
Harris After Shave Milk

Great service and prices from the Gentleman's Shop, as usual
Scotto, did they reformulate Harris Milk or just repackage it? The bottles I have bought in the past were all square.
They are just offering multiple packages. The larger (150mL and up) sizes are in the traditional square bottles.
Had to restock the den a bit:

From MenEssentials: Baxters shampoo, conditioner, and Italian Lime/Pomegranite body wash

From Em's: "Balancing" Jojoba moisture cream (a must have at bedtime), "Balancing" after shave splash, Cucumber facial lotion.

For those who love sandalwood, you must try Em's balancing-scented items. Great stuff.

Note to Buzzskin: the 15% offer is nice, but your threshold for free shipping is $75 versus MenEssentials $40. What I saved on shipping at ME was the same/better than your discount, so I had little incentive to try you out. Oh, well - live and learn.
Hello All,

Just a modest score for this week thanks to Chris Fisher. Thank you, Chris!

Plano TX

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This is a beautifully restored Fredrick Reynolds Sheffield Steel 7/8 Wedge. The scales are ebony with an alabaster insert custom made by Robert Williams. I'm afraid my pictures don't do the razor justice.

It is perfectly balanced and the blade is dead on center when nestled in the scales. Many hours were spent transforming the blade to a mirror finish.

Shaving report to follow.

Thanks to Robert Williams at Straight Edge Razors, aka Dos Centavos for creating this beautiful razor. This heirloom razor will be in my daily rotation. Razors no matter how beautiful, are meant to be used.
Hi all,

This is my first try at posting pictures. I've setup my gallery and will be adding pictures. I actually got this razor a few weeks ago but didn't think anyone would mind me putting it in this thread.



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rtaylor61 said:
Okay Rik...NOW I'm jealous! Gorgeous razor!

Robert certainly outdid himself with this one. He certainly is a very talented individual. Ah Randy, but I don't have the fancy matching razor brush set that you do. :wink2:
Ed. Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn Super Badger Brush (already broken in earlier this AM)
Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood SoapCandle
Crabtree and Evelyn Olivewood Brush

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Took advantage of the 20% off C&E sale and picked up some Sienna to go along with my Nomad collection. I also couldn't resist the Edwin Jagger C&E super badger brush. The Body Shop is only a few doors down so I thought I'd check out the shaving cream and the after shave gel.

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As best I can measure, appears to be a 25mm, maybe 26mm knot. It's only slightly larger than my Vulfix 2235 which has a 24mm knot. Very nice feel to the brush. I look forward to trying it out tomorrow morning.

I too took advantage of the Caswell-Massey 20% off. I decided to get the Presidential Soap Collection, and some Knize Ten Potty Water.


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