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A whopping $1.19 worth of PIF! Williams Mug Soap

Was at the grocery store and decided to pick up another puck of Williams just to PIF. It might be $1.19 but if you use it right it is a fabulous performing soap. If you haven't tried it and would like to, just post in the thread and I'll draw a random post# this weekend and send it along. Open to anyone who hasn't tried it regardless of location.

this is what i grew up on ...from age 15 through about 30 this is what i used...damn this family of friends for convincing me to stray; well not really, i am glad you convinced me to stray, but my wallet isn't...don't want in, but just wanted to say its a bargain for what you pay
Never tried it, cant even find it
So I am in, it'll be cheaper if u flatten it and ship it in a padded envelope :)
or just slice it into 3 equal pieces and mail it off to three different people haha
He bought something just to PIF it. That's some genuine pay it forward. When he puts up his own money just so someone else can try out the product rather than suggesting that I go to Walmart and pick it up myself for $1.19.

I get the PIF part...

My point was that shipping is going to cost at least 3X the price of the item...
I have one exactly as pictured thats been gathering dust....i'll throw down.....1st PM with a CONUS address gets it....cheers, rich
instead of being in, i will stop at the cvs down the block and just pick one up. all the Williams talk..i must try.
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