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A special thank you to all the members and this site.....


Check Out Chick
Before anyone else posts in this thread, THINK before you post. We WILL not put up with any arguing and petty squabbles of any shape or form.


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
There is only one treatment for acquisition disorder (AD) that is known to work.

Start a new one, like straight razor shaving.
My friend, you never fail to deliver a smile to my incredibly handsome face! Thank you, and I hope all is well in your world.
We need a good slogan. Then we can embroider it on a large circular patch centred around the badger logo for B&B, with "Live to Shave, Shave to Live" around it. Then we can identify each other in crowds. :)

We'd also need a secret handshake, some iconic recognition signals and a group cheer.

Shavers, shavers, rah rah rah
Clean and spiffy, sis boom bah

We could have Bruce Willis be the ambassador for this slogan as the last one in his Die Hard series as he mellows down to get some good shaves and give up violent multi blade cartridges to lead a quiet well shaved life !
And Bruce would say, "Yippy ki yay Rex Ambassador!"

Alan Rickman Cast GIF


Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC
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