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Good day to all

Just checking in, another new recruit here who’s eager to learn from our gurus here. I’m very new to DE shaving a week in fact and still learning the skills. Been shaving cartridge all my life and finally realize why I haven’t done the switch sooner.

I have to admit, immediately got nicks and weepers on my first 2 shaves but its all part of the learning process.

Using Rockwell 6S here on R4, Astra SP, Proraso green pre shave, cream & after shave. I’ve done some reading here and hoping I’m into a good start.

Happy shaving.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Welcome to B&B, we're glad you're here!

Since you came from carts I can almost guarantee you're using waaaaaay too much pressure - just like the rest of us did when we started. Razor angle takes some practice, but less pressure is available to you today. Good luck on your journey.
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