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66 lady gillette

How agressive or not is a lady gillette? What might it compair to, I'm asking for a friend of mine who is thinking of converting to using a safety razor. He just happends to have a lady gillette that used to belong to his wife. I told him I would clean it up and give him some blades.

I had one for a while and also had a late 40's Fat handled Tech at the same time. The Lady Gillette was slightly more aggressive than the Tech, but still a mild shaver. I have since done some horse trading and now have a '59 Fatboy and a 30's long comb New. The Fatboy, being adjustable, can be as mild (or milder) than the razors cited above, but also can be quite aggressive. The New is also more aggressive than the Lady Gillette, but is a smoother and more comfortable shaver than the Fatboy.

Those are the razors that I have experience with.
basically, a lady Gillette is a long handled Super Speed. Loaded w/ a Feather blade, it produces sublime shaves!

I've been using my 1947 SS a lot lately, but over Christmas my sister-in-law said she wanted to try DE shaving for environmental reasons. So to start her out "right" I told her I would send her a Lady Gillette. After cleaning one up I had to take it for a spin to insure she was getting a keeper. I found it to be noticeably milder than any of my 40s style Super Speeds....still a great razor, but milder.
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