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Vintage Gillette Gurus

Can you ID this?

It belongs to a friend and belonged to his father. He says Gillette and "from the 60s", clearly adjustable, but he doesn't really know what it is. He has just started using it.

And, what (if anything) would you do to clean it up?

Yup, it’s a Slim Adjustable. Once cleaned up you’ll be able to see a letter and a number on the bottom of the adjusting plate. That’s a date code. That will tell the year and which quarter of the year it was made.

In this picture below mine shows a G and a 4. In this case G=1961 and 4=the fourth quarter of that year.

I don’t have a complete online list of date codes, but stop back with the code and someone here can tell you the year of your friends’ and give a link for the complete listing of years and models.

It's a great razor. Love my Slim.

It should clean up nicely, per the above suggestions.

Good luck and let us know once you're done and taken it for a spin!
An ultra sonic cleaner with water and dishwashing liquid does a good job. I cleaned a few vintage Gillettes, including a couple of Slims, with mine. I haven't had to run it for more than a few minutes.
It's a Gillette Slim.

Soap and water. Maybe some Maas metal polish to bring back the shine. Toothpaste and a Q-tip works too.

+1! I suggest starting with Dawn dish soap and a soft tooth brush. If there is a fair bit of soap scum, then Scrubbing Bubbles.
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