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This is the Order they are in CURLY MAPLE, MARBLE WOOD ,JOBILLO,OAK
Knots are not set. Also a Picture of some of The Brushes to be PIFed Later Today.
@Avvtar had a really neat tail that He told in another Thread (***CLOSED***Active Duty and Veteran PIF. The Gracie Brush edition***We have a Winner***) , I was LMBO and flattered buy his Tall Tail at the same time. The Next PIF will Be in The General shaving Section and have something to do with "Tall Tails"
I have much to PIF



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Fantastic brushes. I hadn't seen Jobillo wood before and had to look it up. Very nice choice for a handle.

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Very pretty. Someday I still hope to see the Cuban hardwood jiquí, which is legendary for just how hard it is.
I asked a friend who does business in Cuba to see if he could find some, but no luck.
Quite the talent you have, Steve. You've really gotten quite good at them. You have a real eye for what's waiting inside each piece of wood. Your designs are fantastic.

It's always neat to see exotic woods used. I love seeing the various varieties. Keep it up!
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