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37c slant vs blackbird oc

Ive been using a 37c slant when its been a few days between shaves and its been a good performer but not great. Im looking at a blackbird open comb. Anyone able to give me a comparison of shave results as well as the "face feel" ?
The 37c is a great razor but these two aren’t in the same league in terms of efficiency. With proper technique, there is no sacrifice in smoothness. With less required passes to achieve the desired result, you are likely to experience less irritation (if any at all) with the BB OC.
No contest. Blackbird OC wins without breaking a sweat.

As the previous poster says, the BB OC is in a completely different league.

Know that the merkur 34c is special to me as my first razor and is an excellent razor. The 37c not so much; takes too much effort and concentration to get a good shave without flaying skin.
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