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2022 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek Season 2

Congrats to everyone who made it!

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Final check in - another success and congrats to all who made it to the finish line. Only one more to report, and I have three partial splashes that I'll work on to bring '23 to a good start.

Frag: 4 Aramis Havana, Gravity, Coty preferred stock, and a no name Farenheit knock off
Soap: 4 (Fedrihan Robusto, Proraso green cream, Anne Bonny croap, Stirling Grapefruit w/ menthol)
Splash: 6 (Leviathan, Anne Bonny, witch hazel, Aramis, Midnight Stag, Pinaud Citrus Musk)
Final check in to say I succeeded--really without any temptations during the year.

I purchased my lone exception on accident, LOL. My exception was blades for the OneBlade--I didn't realize they were on auto-refill so some showed up one day. I took advantage of that shipment to cancel the auto-refill. I'll probably need some more in 2023, but I'm not buying them until I need them.

My daughter surprised me with a gift of some soaps back in October. She was buying some stuff on Etsy, saw they made a shave soap, so she thought of me and bought 3 pucks. They are nice, hard soaps that are lightly scented. I've enjoyed using them.

I ended the year with 5 soaps, 2 aftershaves, and still have enough blades for probably at least 3 more years. I don't need anything and the urge to keep buying and trying stuff left me a couple of years ago. I've become pretty minimalistic at this point, although I still enjoy my collection and changing things up from time to time.

Anyway--I've enjoyed the voyage. I'm not in for another year, but I wish everyone well who's embarking on another year!

Here's what I have as of January 9th:

Still In:

Q4 #1 KQY61 - Exception: Pack of Med Preps
Q4 #2 CzechCzar - exception - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream with Hyaluronic Acid for Extra-Dry Skin

Q4 #5 sjblon - Exception: Vintage razor
Q4 #6 Jim99 - exception: puck of Christmas soap

Q4 #8 02FLHTCI: Blackland Era
#9 EB Newfarm no exception
Q4 #10 Sotiris_A: a badger brush
Q4 #11 T.Orso: Lucky Tiger AS

Q4 #13 Jamesearthdrum: Cella soap
Q4 #14 Noodles: no exception

Q4 #17 Pepin - Exception: vintage razor

Q4 #30 Wil_D no exceptions

Q4 #32 Smooth and Sharp - a razor

Q4 #34 byDoms - no exceptions

#36 kjbarth - no exception at this time

Q4 #39 Invicta - no exception

Q4 #41 AZBronco - exception Feather FHS10 blades

Q4 #43 Ruva - no exception
Q4 #44 Heron - exception one aftershave
Q4 #45 Whisky - no exception

Q4 #50 B_R_A_D - Razor
Q4 #51 MuhleShaver - no exception
Q4 #52 Esetter

So, I am still looking for the official end-of year check-in for:

@EB Newfarm


Thanks. I looked back thru the 31st and didn't see where you had posted. Maybe it was further back. Heck, we all knew by Dec 1st if we were going to make it. ;)

edit: One thing I wish is, when we change our avatars, it changes them for all posts back in time. Must be a wormhole.....
Anyway, I no longer have my Commodore Decker from ST-TOS here in this thread.


So, I shall post it here at the end. :)

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And, time to put the Official Close to the Restraint.

Made It Thru:

#1 KQY61 - Exception: Pack of Med Preps
#2 CzechCzar - exception - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream with Hyaluronic Acid for Extra-Dry Skin
#5 sjblon - Exception: Vintage razor
#6 Jim99 - exception: puck of Christmas soap
#8 02FLHTCI: Blackland Era
#9 EB Newfarm no exception
#10 Sotiris_A: a badger brush
#11 T.Orso: Lucky Tiger AS
#13 Jamesearthdrum: Cella soap
#14 Noodles: no exception
#17 Pepin - Exception: vintage razor
#30 Wil_D no exceptions
#32 Smooth and Sharp - a razor
#34 byDoms - no exceptions
#36 kjbarth - no exception at this time
#39 Invicta - no exception
#41 AZBronco - exception Feather FHS10 blades
#43 Ruva - no exception
#44 Heron - exception one aftershave
#45 Whisky - no exception
#50 B_R_A_D - Razor
#51 MuhleShaver - no exception
#52 Esetter

Lost In Space (in chronological order):

#35 wmadoty - no exceptions again - Lost 2/12/22 for four thrift store razors for $20
#21 snowman - no exceptions - Lost 2/14/22 for 5 ea HBC Williams Mug Shave Soap for $4.95
#38 gdawg55 - exception: Lucky Tiger AS Tonic - Lost 2/19/22 Charcoal Goods level 3 razor, 250 pack of Wizamet blades, 100 Bolzano blades, RR soap and aftershave
#48 JWCowboy - no exceptions other than Sue Moore Auction/BB Group Buys - Lost 2/22/22 (Two'sDay!) for A Varlet Brush and a Wolfman Razor
#27 GaryTha no exception - Lost 2/22/22 (Ya didn't have to make it Two for Two'sDay!) for 24 sticks of Arko
#49 deafficianado - Blackland Era - Lost 3/4/22 for custom razor handle and the Maggard 15mm razor stands
#40 JAHE - exception: a razor - Lost 3/23/22 for a Slant with a Stand
#31 pdillon - exception: no exceptions - Lost 3/24/22 for a couple of razors
#15 Cafebarian: no exception - Lost 3/25/22 for Homelike Start in Matte
#25 Lee93 - Exception: Tallow Tabac - Lost 4/9/22 for Pre De Provence 63 and Maison du Savon de Marseille Rebel
#22 Chesty - no exception - Lost 5/2/22 for a Schick Krona
#28 Balin - exception Wolfman Razor - Lost 5/13/22 for "treewhaled a little bit doomsday prepping for the Tallow Tabacalypse"
#37 mattps1 - no exception - lost 5/19/22 for PoloBrushes from Simpson's
#4 elmo_koffman - Exception: blades - lost 6/5/22 for a Gamechanger .84
#23 Benoni - Exception: Henson ti22 - Lost 6/7/22 for Zingari Splash and soap
#53 md1234 - no exception - Lost 6/18/22 for Old Spice AS in a Thrift Shop
#16 Crisp Rat: Super Adjustable - Lost 7/13/22 for some really nice vintage razors
#26 ShavingPanda - no exception - Lost 7/21/22 for Butterscotch (shaving brush, that is)
#3 CJB3 - Exception: grail brush - Lost Again 8/4/22 for Another Varlet
#20 JeffJ - no exception - Lost 9/20/22 for a razor baseplate off the BST
#29 Southern_S - Exception: Proraso White Preshave - Lost 10/3/22 for a Captain's Choice Bowl

Lost at the first quarter check-in 4/15/22

#3 CJB3 - Exception: grail brush
#12 Angus MacAngus: 1969 Super Speed
#18 Hellboy - no exception
#24 tsimmns - no exception
#33 Thomas Darkblade - no exceptions
#42 4and20blackbirds - no exceptions
#46 Barbarossa - A single puck of shaving soap.
#47 JoWolf - no exception
#54 Avi - no exception

Lost at the second quarter check-in 7/13/22

#7 ADudeandHisDogs: no exception
#19 Doorcube - Exception: Soap

We didn't lose anyone for the third quarter or year-end check-ins.

Congratulations to all, even those that fell Out for the time they were In. :)


Now over in the 2023 Restraint.

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