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2022 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek Season 2


Use the Fat, Luke!
oh no

More Than One Problem.gif
#50 checking in, no purchases in 2022, not even my exception. Also, the part I’m most excited about, zero items on my want list and no items needed for restock, going to enjoy all the great stuff I already have. Still undecided if I’m in for 2023 or might see if I can make it on my own without the assistance of the GRUYERE.

Congrats to all you fine gents that successfully completed the 2022 GRUYERE and good luck to those embarking on the 2023 journey 🍻
Docking the ship. Time to get it cleaned and detailed.
#17 reporting in, a successful mission. 2022 was my fifth year of successful missions. Looking forward to 2023. Had the replicator make me a penny farthing bicycle.

Happy New to everyone, wishing all a wonderful 2023. Congratulations to those who succeed in the 2022 Start Trek mission.
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