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ZY (Chinese) Pure Badger - Synthetic

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A Chinese generic brush sold under different Chinese brand names. An economical brush that pulls its weight far beyond its cost.

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Pros: Great value
Performs better than a lot of European brand-name brushes
Real timber handle
Cons: Will not satisfy those who prefer expensive brushes
Smaller than most
This brush can be purchased for about USD 2 (in May 2020) on AliExpress or for more on eBay, etc. The brush is often listed as "pure badger" however it is synthetic. What do you expect for the price.

With a 19mm knot, 53mm loft and overall height of 100mm, this is not a large brush. This has the advantage that the brush does not hog lather. Just a pea size of cream face lathered gives enough lather for three passes and some left over.

The handle is of natural timber with a clear lacquer finish. The handle diameter is 34mm. The brush looses a hair or two with the first few uses, however after about 5 to 10 uses the brush hair stabilizes.

I have badger brushes costing 20 to 50 time more than this brush and they are nowhere near even 2 to 5 times better. This brush is the one that I now most frequently pick. Try it. For the price, you can't waste your money!
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Lather and Razors
It's a misnomer - it looks nothing like pure badger, obviously a synthetic fiber brush.
This has been the only brush I have used for over the past 400 three-pass shaves and it still looks and performs like new. My expensive badger brushes now just collect dust.
Over 850 three-pass shaves with this brush now covering about the last 3 years. A total of 5 hairs lost. Still looks like the day I bought it.

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