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Comoy's of London Straight Razor

6/8 Dutch (round) point of high carbon steel

Item Description

Comoy's of London straight razors have been available from at least 2018. They are of unknown origin although they show some similarities to Gold Dollar straight razors in both grind and quality of finish.

These straight razors can make a good beginners razor provided it is professionally honed before first use.

These straight razors are selling for about USD 20 +/- USD 10 in 2021 although they are becoming harder to find.

  1. As these straight razors are individually hand finished, there will be some variations in measurements between razors.
Technical Specification

Manufacturer = Unknown
Year of manufacture = 2018(?)
Blade material = high carbon steel
Blade hardness = approximately 58 RHC
Edge length = 68mm
Blade width = 21mm (13/16)
Blade thickness = 0.24mm at top of bevel
Grind = full hollow
Point = Dutch (round)
Stabiliser = single
Mass = 54g
Smile = <1mm
Jimps = underside of shank only
Tail length = 22mm when opened 270°
Balance (opened 180°) = 25mm from pivot towards blade
Spine thickness = 5.8mm
Spine decoration = none
Bevel angle = 18.5°
Scales material = ABS plastic
Scales width at pivot = 12mm
Spacer = parallel - ABS plastic integral with scales
Pins = nickel(?) alloy (2 with additional plastic spreader)


Scales thickness (max.) = 11.1mm at about mid-length from pivot
Length overall (closed) = 163mm
Length overall (open 180°) =247mm
Height overall (closed) = 25.8mm
Packaging = metal case
Face marking is in ink and as shown - reads COMOY'S of LONDON


There are no back markings and no shank stampings.

Latest reviews

Good shaver that performs well above its price point.
Pros: Price
Ease of honing
Takes a great edge
Shaves as well as my best
Well ground full-hollow
Pivot pin properly tensioned
Forgiving bevel angle
Very good beginner's straight razor
Cons: Not the best finish quality
Balance well away from pivot pin
ABS plastic scales

I bought this straight razor in November 2021 from "King of Knives" in Australia for about USD 30. They had two in stock and the other was showing rust from being handled by other shoppers. These straight razors are getting harder to find, both new and second-hand.

The SR came with a factory edge so I needed to set the bevel and hone it up to my standard of shave-ready. I finished this process off on diamond pasted balsa strops (0.5um, 0.25um & 0.1um).

My first shave with this SR was good but could have been better. I then put the SR through a second full balsa progression. The second shave was as good as I get from my best straight razors that cost hundreds of dollars.



I maintain my straight razor on a hanging 0.1um diamond pasted balsa strop after each shave so I cannot comment very much on edge life.

I am surprised at how well this straight razor performs. For the price, it is a winner.
5.00 star(s)
Lasting Edge
4.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
Easy to Sharpen
5.00 star(s)
Easy to Maintain
5.00 star(s)
Shaving Smoothness
5.00 star(s)

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