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Yaqui 💈 Big Knot

30mm x 63mm Tuxedo Knot

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Pros: Handsome brush, great latherer, very comfortable handle.
Cons: Slightly scratchy, mediocre scrubber.
First off The Yaqui store is a great place to get shaving equipment. I was a little leery shopping online Alibaba in China with no tracking, I’m in Canada the delivery was around two weeks. All in with shipping under $30.00 Canadian. I’ve waited longer for stuff from the USA and even Canadian orders have taken longer.

I prefer animal hair brushes. I think everyone should own a synthetic if for no other reason then a travel brush. This is my second big knot synthetic my RR Plissoft Monster I seldom use, and now it will be gone. As with most syns this brush will and can produce any type of lather in abundance and extremely quickly. The brush felt softer dry, the face lathering performance was the slightest bit scratchy without any good scrub. The splay was achieved without too much effort and provided a reasonable scrub. The brush will hold a ton of water for loading and it will load heavy if required. Lather, lather, lather everywhere I love it. The combination of a large knot and shorter loft still painted reasonably well and with an abundance of lather on tap or available, your focus can be on other because lather is on automatic. The handle on this brush moved to the front of the class. I have arthritic hands and this handle of the six brushes I have now stands alone. I’m a head shaver and hands down this handle for comfort and use is the best. The weight and balance of the brush is pleasantly neutral which again made it so very comfortable to use. Tuxedos are one of my favourites for looks and the big old barber pole puts it over the top as being a very handsome brush. Will this brush be in my regular rotation maybe sometimes. It definitely is my new travel brush. I’m glad I now have a synthetic that I don’t mind using and it is a beauty. The construction and fit and finish on the Yaqi is outstanding. For the price I rate this brush as above average value.
This was my first use and the Yaqi tuxedo had no issues developing either a big fluffy lather and a smooth thin glistening lather out of Grooming Departments Mayflower. This is a premier soap and it was nice to get everything out of the soap with so little effort. The Mamb70 had a fresh Voshkod and glided comfortably and effortlessly delivering a DFS. The post shave from the Mayflower is one of the better ones for me, although not necessary but highly appreciated.
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The largest Knot I have is the 26mm Yaqi Moka. I'm sure the 30mm takes care of business nicely!
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l found the Yaqi 30mm to be a very comfortable brush. I shave head and face together and between six passes and buffing and clean ups the larger knot brushes perform better for me. I have a couple of badger 28mm high density brush knots coming and reviews spec them as being big on water and lather handling. So I might be able to downsize a little. Bigger handles are also more comfortable for my arthritic hands.
The splay is massive. It can cover area for you ear near the mouth!!

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