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Game Changer 068 Open Comb

Item Description

Handsome stainless steel razor, tight tolerances, many handle options.

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Pros: Handsome Three Piece Stainless Steel mild razor. Well machined tight tolerances. Very good support from vendor ItalianBarber. Good handle options available.
Cons: Only the baseplate is available presently. You must own a Game Changer top cap.
This was my first shave with the 068 OC. This is also my first open comb. Only the base plate is available at this time, you must have a Game Changer top cap. So I bought the 084 solid bar. I used a Plisson silvertip Badger, Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica, and Voshkod (1). A Mamba70 is my daily driver and I expected the 068 OC to be similar. I found the 068 to be smoother, milder and considerably more efficient. That combination delivered my first totally irritation free very comfortable bbs, shave face and head.

The 068 has a very solid blade feel with excellent audio feedback. The audio feedback makes you think aggression but this is a very, very smooth razor. The open comb lubricates accommodating smooth strokes, and is comfortable when buffing. The Game Changer line ups have quite a few different handles. The HD 13mm x 85mm is handle heavy but no problem finding a comfortable balance.The angle was very intuitive and easy to maintain. The efficiency of the 068 was very apparent first pass, less strokes made the shave feel a lot faster. The second and third passes just got better. I have two crazy difficult hair patterns on the back of my head that usually take forever to buff down. The 068 hardly had to buff them. The 068 OC covers all the bases for me. A mild razor very efficient, smooth with comfort. My new go to.
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Great review. I concur.
You just can't beat these OC Gamechangers. The .84 OC is very nearly as smooth and even more efficient. I rarely shave with anything else now.

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