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Yaqi 24mm Aqua Two-Band Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Item Description

From The Yaqi store site on AliExpress:

Yaqi 24mm Aqua Two-Band Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Brand Name: Yaqi
Size: 24mm x 55mm
Material: Two Band Badger Hair
Model Number: R1818-B2
Item Type: Shaving Brush
Handle Color:White and Blue
Handle material: Resin

Latest reviews

Pros: Good backbone, soft bristles, solid handle, very little bristle loss
Cons: None for me
Oh man I really like this brush. It was the second badger hair brush I ever shaved with and the first two-band badger. This has the perfect amount of backbone and density for me. The bristles are soft but still have a bit of scritch. I've been using mostly boar since I started DE shaving a year ago, and I kind of like a little scritch so this brush is perfect for me. I find it so easy to lather soaps and creams with this brush. It's a real pleasure. The sale price was right too at $13!

I like to splay my brushes a few times while I face lather. This brush has just the right amount of splay with it's 55mm loft. I'm still getting used to badger brushes, so my opinion may change, but for know I like this two-band badger even better than the Yaqi slivertip I got. There was some shedding of the bristles but not much. That's pretty much stopped now that I've been using it for a while. The handle has a nice solid feel to it, is easy to grip, and looks great!

Looking forward to a lot more shaves with this brush
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@JoWolf Yes big difference between those two boars. Will be interesting to see how that O-ring will shore up the Semogue knot. I only have one boar and I love it. It's a Semogue 820 and has just enough backbone but still splays when needed. My guess is it's somewhere between the Semogue 2000 and the Zenith. Some pix attached. That Zenith you have there looks like it has some nice backbone though.

@MrBeez Very nice bloom on the 820, which from most Semogue photos I’ve seen they usually all have a wide bloom. I’m posting a more recent photo of the Chubby which I’m thinking is about 90% broken in, the same with the horse. This horse has all the same stuff as the Chubby but with a longer loft and a totally different kind of hair feel in a very good way. The horse was three times harder to break in then the Chubby, and the Chubby was a monster. The Semogue hardly needed any breaking in. Both my boars have a soft luxurious feel when painting just short of my Silvertip. The horse is good in all respects and is a better painter then the Chubby but a completely different feel. The boar which is highly praised on B&B is the Omega Jade from Connaught UK. That would be the consolation if my knots don’t work out for me. Sorry for rambling, right now brushes really excite me.
@JoWolf Great info thanks. I didn't know about the Omega Jade until now. Will have to check that out. I really like the look of the Chubby though. Seems like a pretty large knot too. 26mm? Maybe 28mm?

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