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Yaqi 24mm Heavy Long Metal Handle Silvertip

24mm Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Item Description

From the Yaqi site on AliExpress:
  • Brand Name: Yaqi
  • Model Number: M1605-B1
  • Item Type: Shaving Brush
  • Size: 24mm
  • Material: Silvertip badger hair

Latest reviews

Pros: Great face feel
Ergonomic handle
Lathers up a storm
Cons: Not a lot of back bone if you prefer it
Picked up my first badger brush from Yaqi during the AliExpress 2019 11.11 sale. Figured I’d write a review of my first experience with a badger brush.

First off, this was not the original brush I ordered. I actually ordered the Red Resin Silvertip, but they sent me this one by mistake. I wrote them and they told me they’d send me the red resin without having to return the metal-handled one which I thought was more than fair. I’m still waiting for that to arrive though.

Upon first opening the box, the brush felt very nice in my hand. The handle is long, fairly heavy, and easy to grasp. It reminds me a bit of a make-up brush actually. The handle design makes it easy to control. That was an unexpected plus since this is the first time I've used this shape of handle.

Because of the curve in the middle of the brush it doesn’t fit squarely in either of the brush holders I have, so it hangs at a bit of an angle, but not a showstopper at all. Overall, the handle has a nice ergonomic design to it. Big plus there.

I did the initial washing of the brush with some shampoo and boy did that baby have some funk to it once it got wet. I had read about the smell but never actually smelled it before. We’re talking wet-animal smell for sure. It's since faded considerably.

As far as the knot goes – it’s pretty dense and lathers wildly. It took lathering to a whole new level for me on all my soaps. There's not a whole lot of backbone to it, but it's very soft, and since I face lather, it feels great on my face. The splay is wide so I can lather up my face very quickly.

This brush is a pleasure to use and I've been using it a lot since I've got it. Overall, I’m very pleased with my first silvertip badger brush.
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Just an update - while I still like this brush very much I find it a bit too floppy for my preference. Maybe a little shorter loft would give it the backbone I prefer. Or if the handle were a little wider at the point where the knot fits into it. This thing just slobbers all over my face which is great in terms of lather amount but I prefer the control of a stiffer knot. The brush does feel great on my face still and I love the handle feel.

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