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Vidyut Super Platinum DE razor blade

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Vidyut is the bottom tier line razor blades of Vidyut Metallics, which also makes Zorick and Super Max. These double edge razor blades cost 7 rupees for five blades, or about 20 cents.

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Pros: Rustproof
Cons: Mediocre, inconsistent quality
I wanted to find some Zorick platinum blades, but all I could find were the Zorick stainless and these. The seller said these Vidyut platinum were the same as the Zorick platinum, as they are both made by the same company.

Wrong. These obviously were not as sharp as the Zorick platinum. I liked them OK at first, but then got more and more dissatisfied. Some blades are sharp, some not. And you certainly cannot get a lot of shaves from them.

For a little more, you can buy a much better blade from the same manufacturer, such as the Zorick platinum. I'm not sure what the marketing rationale for this bottom Vidyut line is. Perhaps it is the outlet for blades that don't pass quality control muster? If so, this is a good sign for the better Zorick and Super Max lines.

The marketing and distribution of blades in India is haphazard, at least from the perspective of the customer. It is often difficult or impossible to find some Indian brands and blades, such as Zorick platinum or Super Max platinum. Yet it is easy to find mediocre blades. From what I can tell, it is rare for the seller to actually use the DE blades he is selling. The choice of blades for sale may be determined more by markup, since the fixed price is printed on the package. So cheapo blades like this might offer more of a markup over cost for the seller. Just a guess.
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