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Zorrick Super Platinum, New Sputtered Blade Technology

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Zorrick is the mid-level brand of Vidyut Metallics, with Super Max being the top brand, and Vidyut being the bottom brand. These are Indian DE blades, of course.

Here is the Super Max version:




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I have never seen the Super Max platinum for sale, so I can't compare the two.

The box lists "Support manufacturer Tigaksha Metallics." I wonder if this means the Zorricks are made in a different factory than the Super Max blades?

The price of 7.50 rupees is a mere 0.50 rupees more than the non-platinum stainless Zorrick DE blades. This is about 20 cents for five blades. However, the price has gone up to 10 rupees for a five blade tuck.

I'm not sure why they post prices of less than 1 rupee, since it is extremely rare to see a half-rupee coin; heck, it's hard enough to find a 1 rupee coin. This means vendors can either round off the price up or down, unless you buy two.

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