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Laser Super Stainless Chromium Coated Edges

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Laser is the top razor blade brand made by Malhotra Shaving Products of Hyderabad, India. These double edge razor blades are labeled Laser Super Stainless chromium coated edges. The 10 blade tuck is MRP 16 rs, or about 40 cents, or four cents per blade.

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Pros: Usable. Very clean finish to blade
Cons: There are better Indian blades at about the same price
Having read some of the scathing online reviews of Laser DE blades, I felt some trepidation in trying them. The brand name "Laser" seems to strike Western ears as being hopelessly hackneyed and cheap. Ironically, Malhotra Shaving Product's mid-tier brand "Topaz" seems to have more class, yet lower-priced, and, presumably, lower quality. What I have found is that you can find good and not so good blades in both lines.

I came across these Laser stainless chromium blades in only one store, and in a 10 pack, which seems to be associated with sale to barbers. The cardboard box is relatively colorful and attractive, and the "chromium" piqued my curiosity. Chromium coating would make sense, since it is hard and smooth, and not too expensive, unlike platinum, though I am not a metallurgist. So I had high hopes for these blades. I have not seen chromium listed as a coating on other blades, though sometimes I see unspecified coating listed, so I wonder if chromium is used more widely, if not always specified?

The Laser stainless chromium blades are reasonably sharp, but were not as sharp as I expected. I presume the fault is not in the chromium. If these were the only blades in the world, I could make do. They are a bit sharper than average, but will probably still require a double or triple pass to get a close shave.

They are certainly beautifully finished, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are showing up in export under house brand labels. One of the distinctive things about the packaging is that when you open the blade packing, when you lift the first paper tab, the inner wax paper tab is exposed above the outer paper wrapper, making it easier to get to the blade.

As background, I should explain that with double edge razor blades in India costing about 5 cents a blade, there is little motivation for me to try to stretch out a blade's life, so I can't really judge longevity for most blades, except from extrapolation. However, even at these prices, I do not believe in waste, so I typically get three or four shaves out of a better blade, two from an average one.

Overall, I would rate these about 5.5, slightly above average. But then a 5 in my book is "good."

I have the suspicion that the quality of blades in India may be improving due to competition, and newer blades from the same line may be better. So I suggest you remain open minded to trying Indian blades.

But the main reason I do not recommend these blades is because I have found much better blades in India in this price range, i.e., about 10 rupees per tuck (25 cents) from Malhotra, Vidyut and Gillette. Some of these blades are extremely sharp. So I have little inclination to finish the pack of mediocre blades like these.
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