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365 Stainless

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The pack says only "365 Stainless" on front in orange and black ink. On back it says: Made in India, Gillette India Limited, Bhiesfi-301019. MRP Rs 12.25.

So the cost is 12 rupees, or about 30 cents, for a tuck.

I see these for sale occasionally in India, as well as online, such as eBay, sometimes paired with the faux straight razor used by barbers that takes a half-blade.

I was hoping someone with more experience with these blades than me would post a review. Failing that, here's my limited experience:

I have used three blades. The first was bad, though I managed to get a shave and a half out of it. The second was terrible. I rotated it to try all four edges, but none were sharp. I gave up and used a different brand to finish the shave. The third blade was excellent, as though it might be a 7 O'clock. What's going on here? Are they seconds from the better Gillette lines? I don't know, and I don't care. I've got better things to do with my face than play razor roulette.

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Nothing about this blade is commendable. I have an average beard and not too sensitive skin. This one is very rough on the skin, dull on the whiskers and generally, very poor quality. Not up to Gillette standards at all. I always compare new blades to my daily blade (Personna Blue) which each give me 6 excellent shaves per week per blade. I barely got two very mediocre shaves out of this blade. It's so cheap that is only printed on one side. I use a witch hazel/Aloe/vitamin E oil blend as after shave lotion and even it burned after shaving with this blade which has not been the case with other blades. I cannot recommend this blade no matter how inexpensive they are.
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