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Truefitt & Hill Ult. Comfort AS Balm

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I received this as a gift, hence the n/a above for price. But, judging by the T&H website, it's on par with their other offerings. Anyhow, a great balm with a not-quite-milk/not-quite lotion consistancy. Some may find it a bit thin, but having oily skin, I appreicate this. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Those with very dry skin, however, may want to use more or use a second application. It does a good job of relieving post-shave tightness and irritation altho for major irritation, another thicker product may suit you better. But, for the day-to-day problems, this balm is great.

Moisturizing properties seem very good, again without leaving a residue or over moisturizing. I've noticed a general reduction in the fine lines in my face (especially around the eyes) after using this product for a few months.

T&H advertizes this as "unscented." Strickly speaking, this is not true. "Unscented" should be interpreted as "nothing added just for scent purposes" in this case. There is a very light lavender scent which dissipates quickly and is bearly noticed by the user.

One word of potential warning... the tube I received was a flip top style and the cap did not close securely (did not snap closed tightly). As a result, I experienced lotion seeping out into the cap when I stored the tube cap down. This may be a fluke or a q.c. problem with the tube manufacturer. In any case, problem solved by transfering the lotion into a nalgene-type bottle (also flip top).

All-in-all another winner from T&H. :smile:

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I love this aftershave balm. It is great for sensitive skin and leaves no residue. Since it is unscented I add a little 1805 or Grafton to it. This is a must have for guys with sensitive skin.
I just tried this today and I know it seems to have a bum rap on here, but it is an excellent balm. Pricey, yes, but I got mine used from another member. It is between a milk and a heavy balm like Cade, which is ideal for me. It soothes and softens the skin well. Try it out if you get a chance.
T&H Ultimate Comfort ASB is a really good balm. It's a quality product that's staved off razor burn after some rough shaving for me. It's also very moisturizing but a bit too thick for me. It's more a winter balm for down here in Georgia. All that being said, for money it's just not worth it. I get every bit as good of results with Proraso for 1/2 the price. $32 is a lot for a fragrance free balm. Skip it and stick with Proraso.
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