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Jeris Musk

A Clubman barbershop aftershave

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I've known about the Jeris Hair tonics since the '80's when we sold them in my mother's barbershop, so I was more than intrigued to see that they had a Musk aftershave/cologne under the brand name as well.

As soon as it arrived, I cracked it open, and took whiff. Not impressive. A couple of days later I took it for a test drive after a shave, and it didn't sit well with me. It had a soured sweat sort of odor which was pretty displeasing, and I set it aside for about a week and a half.

Finally, I filmed a review for a Youtube channel that I do, and Jeris Musk was the subject. This time, something had changed. The scent was richer, and the musk was softened and sweetened, offering a thoroughly pleasant experience.

What changed?
1) Maybe my nose was different. Either I wasn't feeling well the first day, or allergies, or who knows?
2) The second time, I used more to go all in on the experience.
3) The bottle had been open to the air for at least 10 minutes, and then allowed to sit for 10 days. Maybe like so many Clubman products, this needs to breath to improve the profile.

Whatever the cause, this is a product that I look forward to using again.

Rating: Worth a re-buy!

I wonder if Jeris had other products that have been discontinued?

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