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Comparing and Reviewing different barbershop scents

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719046BB-FA6C-4A8F-945A-6FC7FE6157B1.jpeg C2D28180-296C-42E6-B0CA-8D02FF87C1D9.jpeg 1DE9540E-BF38-42A0-9A65-FE9A5021472A.jpeg 12F4AFB1-A621-4238-9AC5-B8C304C0FDB5.jpeg This how i have rated the scents
1. Fine American blend splash
2. Fine American blend balm
3. Razorback American barber
4 Stirling soap, barbershop
5. London barber shop
6. Soap commander honor
7. Cooper & French authentic barber
8. Soap smooth barbershop scent
9. Ghost town barber
Honorable mention, Seville

This is my option. Please free to rearrange and let me know what you think.

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