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Sandalwood Scent

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A Shave Cake made from scratch in Ohio.
Ingredients: Castile, Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Pure Essential Oil.

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Pros: Scent, Latherability, Amount of product for the dollar
Cons: Dries quickly
Let me begin by saying that this product is a shaving cake. The cake offers a very unique alternative to what I am used to shaving with; a small bit goes a long way! For $2.50 per ounce I think that the price is very fair, especially because you are going to get a lot of shaves from this puck. I barely put a dent in the puck to get a very good shave with a 30mm High Mountain Badger Brush. Let me move onto the Scent, I received a Sandalwood scent which is beautifully made. It is not too powerful but you can feel it is there and it will remain with you if you choose not to put on an aftershave. With that being said I really recommend a post-shave with this soap. That will be explained a little later. Getting a lather going with this cake is not a problem; I would recommend a dry "puck" or cake and a freshly squeezed brush. This soap will not respond well to excess water. The best tip I can give you is to apply the soap to a brush, apply the brush to your face and add water to the brush to get the lather going on your face. I did not have a good experience with a bowl lather; I felt that I was inclined to add water at the wrong time which in turn made the cake frothy. Leading off from adding water to the face - this cake goes on beautifully but needs water to keep it from drying. The biggest complaint I have is that the cake requires constant watering or it will dry out and leave your skin to be exposed. I would recommend with this soap focusing on one part of the face with it, for example when you are shaving your cheek - lather the cheek, then shave the cheek, move to the neck etc. With that being said I didn't feel any extra moisturizing properties - that being said I didn't feel that it dried out my pores either.
My shave was with an iKon B1 Slant Razor with a brand new Treet Razor blade. I felt I got the best lather with two types of brushes, one of them I did not expect since I found face lathering was the best with this soap. Those two brushes were a 30mm High Mountain Badger brush from Whipped Dogs and a Semogue 1438 Premium Boar bristle brush.
Let me say that although this soap is picky about its water consumption the lather I got was amazing, and when you use shave with this lather you get a great shave, it provided me with a nice cushion with a new Treet blade and for 10 dollars it is beyond fairly priced.
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